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Found 6 results

  1. For Sale Set of 8 Brand New Signature Primes Will ship in 7 to 10 days! Call or Text or WhatsApp 917-499-9596 Email barbara@newprovideo.com $162,000.00 PL Mount with Feet scales Focal Lengths ARRI Signature Prime 18/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 25/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 35/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 47/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 58/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 75/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 95/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 125/T1.8 F
  2. For Sale A set of 5 Zeiss MK2 lenses the 18,25,50,85 and &100mm standard speed. This set will be ready in 3 weeks to ship. I am having them being cleaned and maintenance prior to shipping. The 25mm has 1 tiny dent however does not affect the optics. $54,000.00 If interested you can email me barbara@newprovide.com or call or text me at 917-499-9596.
  3. Fujinon PL mount 28-100mm Premista lens. This lens is in excellent condition, barely used and owner operator only. Asking $33,000. More pictures available upon request. Lens is located in the US, shipping available domestic & international. Buyer is given a 2 day check out period on all equipment. Check out the rest of our gear at Newprovideo.com
  4. For Sale Fujinon Premista 28-100mm T2.9 Large-FF Lens PL Mount Asking $32,000.00In good condition you will get an Inspection period to verify that it is a good working lens.You can call or text me at 917-499-9596 or email me barbara@newprovideo.com...Barbara Holler
  5. Fujinon 18-85mm (HK4.7X18-FA) T2.0 (21-100mm T2.4) Premier PL Zoom Lens 2 Lenses in 1 18-85mm & 21-100mm Lens can be configured between original 18-85mm and modified 21-100mm version by simply swapping the rear mount. Currently lens is set up as 21-100mm with back focus adjusted to zero and works with 16:9 Alexa MiniLF Open Gate. Lens features; 136mm front barrel diameter with 280° focus barrel rotation. Industry standard 0.8 pitch gears for Focus Iris and Zoom. Comes with Parts to return lens back to original 18-85mm configuration Rear Lens Adapter (original 18-85mm) Lens Support Post and Hardware Front & Rear Lens Cap Shipping Case
  6. Cooke Anamorphic 32,40,50,75,100 $125,000 carson.lori61@gmail.com
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