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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, does anyone know if the Braun Nizo 156XL is able to tell the difference between tungsten vs daylight cartridges? Just curious if it’ll automatically remove filter out of the way when using daylight film and vice versa? According to the manual these are the film speeds/types the camera recognizes: 40 and 160 ASA [17 and 23 DIN] with artificial light colour film 25 and 100 ASA [15 and 21 DIN] with daylight colour film 40 and 160 ASA [17 and 23 DIN] with black and white film Judging from the text above it appears that the camera does recognize the difference between daylight and tungsten film…but just wanted to be absolutely sure, as there is a button on the camera to manually engage/remove filter. Not sure if I need to manually engage/disengage the filter before shooting… Would appreciate any guidance/help
  2. Hi There, I recently bought a Canon Auto Zoom 318m camera from eBay. Everything on the camera works and functions as normal, however when I got some film back from development & scanning I noticed that the film was very warm/orange tinted. I wondered if it had something to do with airport security scanning as I tested the camera out while on holiday, however when I tried another reel of film the results were pretty much the same; it was as if I had put a very rich orange/red filter over the lens. The film I used was reversal Wittnerchrome 200D film which I understand is daylight balanced, so I wondered if that had something to do with it? I'm also aware that cameras have an 85 filter and I wondered if that was the issue somehow? (If it's also worth mentioning, I shot different scenes during both day and night). I'm a student and I'm fairly new to using super-8 and analogue filming and so I'm still getting to grips with the functions of the cameras and the differences between daylight and tungsten etc.; I'm basically just curious as to what might have made my film come out very orange and if its a technical problem with the camera that might need fixing. I've got some Kodak Vision3 200T film which I'd like to use soon and I was wondering if I'd see different/less orange results when shooting on tungsten; I'd like to know before I end up spending more money on another orange reel!
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