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Found 7 results

  1. $3500 AUD I'm located in Sydney, Australia but happy to post anywhere SEE PHOTOS HERE - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aicH2CFb02xUNPTZQrkwJC3l35GU15yL?usp=sharing Anamorphic lens setup in excellent condition! All glass is clean and without dust and fungus. Regretful sale to be perfectly honest. I love this lens setup! See some ungraded framegrabs of a short film I shot with this lens build. ***Canon FD lens NOT INCLUDED*** In photo just to show what attaching a taking lens looks like. Items included: • Kowa 16-H 2x anamorphic projection lens •Rectilux Hardcore DNA single focus diopter + thumbscrew • Redstan 52mm clamp • HTN Lock Ring (replaces the Kowa 16-H metal ring on front of lens to be able to attach to Rectilux HDNA) • Lens caps for all • Vivitar 86mm close-focus diopters (+1, +2, +4, +10) • Waraxe lens support for 15mm rails Again ***Canon FD lens NOT INCLUDED*** Just need a taking lens to attach to the Redstan clamp (52mm male filter thread) and you're ready to roll! Will fit any lens with a 52mm filter thread. I often added a step up ring from some of my lenses with 49mm filter thread as well. Works just as well. Maybe I'll throw in a Mir 1 37mm 2.8 lens + MFT adapter as a little gift for the person who buys at the listed price!
  2. Hi there! I'm looking for a USED set of Glimmer Glass and a 138mm Tiffen +0.5 Diopter. My email is gpolofilms@gmail.com Many thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, maybe this is a silly question but it has been in my head for a while. Once I have a close and far focus chart for a certain focal lenght, could it be used for the same focal lenght of another set of lenses that have the same T-stop when wide open? For example, shooting at the same settings on the same camera with a 75mm Master prime using a diopter +1 would give me the same far and close focus if switching to another lens with the same wide open T stop? and if not, which are the factors that influence close and far focus on diopters except from the diopter's gradation? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all I was wondering is it possible to use a lens doubler on anamorphic lenses? If so is it the same kind used for spherical lenses or are there specific doublers for anamorphics? Thanks
  5. I have a set of Cookes (S4s) with a 135 macro T2 in the set. Nice lens, but the range of Macro shots I need to do I think is beyond this lens. However - they can only afford one full set. There are some options - use Arri Macros (not Masters, ultras, or super speeds - I know them only as Arri Macros), there are a full set of the macros available. - But director wants to know if we use these what are they like compared to the cookes (which he likes) I can't tell him because I have never used the Arri Macro set. What to do, stick with the Cookes and the 135, plus get in some diopters to get the shot. Or go with the Arri set of Macros. The question really is what is more beautiful? I have never seen the Arri's - also there will be no time / option on a test. Any advice? Would love to see examples of Arri Macro set if there are any out there. Thanks all.
  6. I'm going to be focus pulling on a short film for a couple days starting tomorrow. In terms of camera kit it's all fairly simple, we're shooting Amira with a CP.2 prime kit. We're going to be using an arri LMB-15 mattebox, with 4x5.65 filter trays. Due to being busy this week, I wasn't able to attend prep at the kit house with the DOP. Something I haven't worked with yet are Diopters, and we have a set of 138mm diopters on this shoot. I've seen them used before on a set I was 2nd ACing on, but didn't pay as much attention as I should have towards how the 1st AC placed the diopters into the mattebox. Am I right in saying that diopters sit in a tray just behind the mattebox? If anyone can offer any advice that would be great, I'm sure it's simple, but if I learn anything new now I can avoid any mess ups tomorrow morning.
  7. Looking for a new home for my anamorphic setup, more information is available in the eBay description. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271859068107?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks for your time, Bruce
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