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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I'm new to forum, though I've found myself here reading through a topic many times in researching one thing or another. For the past 20 years or so I've been shooting regular 8. What started as a curiosity has lately turned into something more serious for me, and as I've attempted to do research and problem solve, I've found information about regular8- cameras and much more- to be somewhat lacking on the internet. Info about super8 is widespread, regular8 not so much. For me, there's no comparison between the two. Regular8 is just so much more versatile for experimentation. Lately I've been trying to answer the question, "What is the best regular8 camera?" for myself. A necessity for me is for it to be a reflex and a zoom. I also prefer a camera with a big range of fps (8 - 48/64). My first regular8 camera was a Cinemax-8e, and if the spring didn't wear out, I would probably still be using it. At this point, I own at least 8 Cinemax-8e's, Cinemax-8ee's, and Cinemax 85e's. It never occurred to me that these weren't very good cameras because they did what I needed them to do, yet, the springs always wore out. I also bought a Leicina 8V early on, and it's proven to be a very good-quality camera, although I wish it wasn't only 16 and 24 fps. A few months ago I decided that I was going to scour the internet and try to answer my question, convinced that there were much better regular8 cameras out there. As of now, I have narrowed down my search, having procured the following 4 cameras to examine: Zeiss Ikon Moviflex Super. This one is in tip-top shape, yet the automatic exposure is really weird and I think faulty. Thankfully there is manual exposure. I think this is one of the best lenses on a regular8 camera, although the zoom range isn't great. Agfa Movex Reflex. Bought two cheapies just to take a look, and the viewfinder is really foggy on both. I imagine this to be a common problem with this camera. I have a really good quality one on the way. I really like what this camera can do, the only negative is the zoom range is less than the other cameras in this list. Canon Cine Zoom 512. This one might be my favorite on this list. 64fps is just wow. The only problem is that the ASA only goes up to 320, and I want to be able to shoot 500T. Beaulieu Mar 8G Automatic. I have one with the Schneider 8-48 lens currently in the mail to be serviced by Bernie O'Doherty. He did mention that the automatic exposure on these cameras isn't great, so I wonder if I would be better off with a Beaulieu MR8 or MCR8. I am also interested in checking out a Carena Zoomex S because of its lens, the Nizo models FA3, Allmat Mod. 2, Heliomatic Focovario, Ercsam Camex Reflex 8, and I have a Pathe Imperial/ Auto Camex currently being shipped to me. Of these the Carena is most interesting to me, and I imagine that the Nizos are good, but not especially interesting or better than anything I have. There is of course also the Bolex H8 REX-4. Because a reflex zoom is a necessity for me, I am wondering if the SOM Berthiot and/or Kern-Paillard zoom reflexes are especially nice. I would love some insight into these questions. What is the best camera, according to my needs? Does a Bolex H8 with one of these zoom lenses supersede the cameras that I have listed? Are there any glaring omissions in my list? Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi! I have to develop Fomapan R100 double 8mm B/W reels (10mt each): i bought the development kit Fomapan R100 B/W and I have a Lomo tank that can contain only one reel at a time. Can you tell me what are the proportions of water and solution for each reel?
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