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Found 6 results

  1. Dear Members, I am looking for the ELMO CINEMATIC SOUND DR-1 and SYNCHRO SOUND SA-1 manual scans. SR-1 and A-1 will be also helpful, I think. Any help is highly appreciated! Erkan
  2. Ok, I'm new to super 8, but I'm learning something new everyday. You guys have been a tremendous help. I do not own a projector, but I'm in the process of getting one. I currently own 2 cameras. I own the Nizo 561 Macro and a Kodak Brownie model 2. Both are in near mint condition. I have yet to use either camera. I foresee using the Nizo much more than the Kodak, though. Still, I've been looking into getting a projector that will play both super 8 and standard 8mm film. I want something small and inexpensive, but still good quality. A part of me, however, wants to get a projector that only plays super 8 film. I'be read that such projectors are much more reliable than the duo type. Well, I narrowed it down to 2 projectors, the Elmo FP-A and the Bolex 18-5L. Both are rather inexpensive and seem well-built. I like the built quality of the Bolex much more than that of the Elmo, though. The downside of it is that it only plays super 8 film and it does not have variable speed control. The Elmo, on the other hand, plays both types of films and has variable speed control. Assuming having the ability to play both types of films is not a big deal to me, my only issue with the Bolex will be the lack of variable speed. Everyone says I need a projector with variable speed if I plan to capture the image with a digital camera. My question is, do I really need to have a projector with variable speed? If I have the projector playing at 18 fps and I get the flicker problem when I try to capture the image with my digital camera, shouldn't I be able to correct the problem simply by adjusting the shutter speed of my digital camera? Your opinions will be of great help to me. Thanks.
  3. I'm looking to sell it but unsure of its value or where best to sell it? Its in mint condition but it's original box has obvious aging (slight scuffs). Any advice or offers are welcome, it's been real difficult to find much info on it.
  4. All film tested and fully functioning with crystal clear lenses: Braun Nizo 6080 Matte Box Cased Kit £250 GB Pounds Bolex 5122 £150 GB Pounds Elmo 1012 S-XL £150 GB Pounds Payment by PayPal plus actual shipping cost will be added (please ask for quote).
  5. I'm based in the UK and have two recently serviced BOLEX 5120 Super 8 cameras, both in very good and fully operational condition with crystal clear 72mm zoom lenses. = £75 GB Pounds each plus actual shipping expense. I also have a recently serviced top-of-the-range ELMO 1012SX-L Super 8 camera, in excellent and fully operational condition with a crystal clear 75mm zoom lens. = £125 GB Pounds plus the actual shipping expense. I have further images and I'm happy to answer any technical questions regarding the cameras.
  6. I'm hoping to create a live projector performance piece, but it requires the removal of the projector's shutter. I have an Elmo 16CL, and there is no mention of the shutter mechanism in the manual I have. Replacing the 3-blade for a 5-blade shutter is common enough, to enable telecinies, but I have been unable to find instuctions on how to do so. Can anyone shed some light on this procedure for me? Thanks -Matt
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