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  1. Selling my Preston FIZ 1. Solid and reliable! Hand Unit just serviced, motor rebuilt. Everything works, no BS. MDR-1 Motor Driver Hand Unit 1 FI+Z Transmitter 3x DM-1 Motors 3x Preston Motor Brackets (short, medium, long) Microforce V+F Control Microforce Bracket 3x HU-1 Batteries Fast Charger w/ AC cable 12 Focus Marking Rings 64 pitch gear (PV Iris) 48 pitch gear (PV Zoom) Backup Transmitter Antenna 3x 15mm step-down bushings (Arri) 3x 5/8” step-down bushings (PV) Short MF to HU cable 50’ MF to HU cable 50’ Control Cable (to hardwire hand-unit) 3x Green Motor Cables 5x Blue Run/Stop Cables (Arri 3-pin Fischer, Arri 11-pin Fisher, PV 10-pin Lemo, Moviecam 2-pin Fischer, RED 10-pin Fischer) 4x Red MDR Power Cables (2x Arri 3-pin Fischer, 2x PV 2-pin Lemo ZLP) $10,900 Email: assistantcamera@hotmail.com Thanks for listening.
  2. I'm really interested in the ways cinematographers are using differential focus today. For several years now, I've been seeing more and more sequences on film and TV where very shallow DOF is used and, almost inevitably, the actor's movements will take him/her in and out of the plane of sharpest focus during the scene. Increasing use of steadicam and handheld seems to add to this. In the past, in general, I think shots like that would call for a retake or an edit to cover what was once considered a mistake -- but now it seems that DPs (or directors?) are making an aesthetic out of this. I'm just wondering if someone here might be able to point me to any technical, industry, or even academic discussions of this issue -- how DPs go about it, when is a shot a keeper and when not, etc.? Apologies if this seems like a naive question, but I just haven't been able to find anything searching on my own. Thanks for any input.
  3. I bought a nikon 35mm dx to connect to my 5d mkiii but when I move the focus the shutter is seen on screen. Is there any reason for this? I've being looking for answered everywhere.
  4. Hey folks, I'm shooting a music video on an SR3 soon with some superspeeds. I had a look through the viewfinder the other day, wide open at t 1.3 and I 'seemed' to be able to pick the focus fairly accurately. I don't want to eyeball the whole shoot however and get back soft rushes. Has anyone judged focus by eye and been ok? Or should I always be measuring? By the way, I'm not going to be shooting the clip at t1.3! Cheers!
  5. Up for sale is a Preston 3 Channel Wireless Remote Control System. It was used as a backup System and is in very good condition. The package is ready to shoot. It is located in EU. Asking 12.000,- Euro 1 PRESTON FI+Z Handunit w. Rubbergrip (Sr# 2154) 1 PRESTON FI+Z Transmitter (Sr# 49213) 1 PRESTON Microwave Receiver MR (Sr# MR-1186) 1 PRESTON 3 Channel Motor Driver MDR-1 (Sr# 1327) 2 PRESTON Motor DM1 with 15mm Rod (Sr# 1080, 1079) 1 PRESTON Iris-Extension Unit 2 PRESTON Fast Charger 4 Batteries Cables: 2 Motorcables 1 GPI-PRO > MDR PwrCable 1 MDR PwrCable 4 Start/Stop Cable f. different Filmcameras 1 Irisunit > Handunit Cable 1 Handunit > Motordrive Cable 1 Powercable 220V Brackets, Gears: 2 PRESTON Motor Brackets 2 Distance Disks 15/19mm 1 Bracket MDR > GPI-PRO w 4 Screws 2 15mm Rods f. Dovetail-plate 3 15mm Rods Red 3 15mm Bars blue 2 Gears Fujinon 1 Gear Extension Primelens 1 Gear F Zeiss HS Accessories & Spares: 2 Receiver Antenna 2 Transmitter Antenna 10 Scalerings 5 Scaledisc Flat 2 Scalebar Flat 1 Neckstrap 1 Accessory Bracket 1 Bag: Receiver Screws 1 Pelicase 1600 Case 62x53x23, 15kg
  6. Hello, I just tried out my new wide conversion lens, Canon C-8, on a movie camera. What I recognized is, that when I focussed properly before putting the conversion lens on, that afterwards everything was blurred out (at max wide you don't see it that much, so this just goes for max tele)... maybe I should tell, that the conversion lens has a differenct thread size than the original lens from the camera (which isn't interchangeable). I don't know if this matters. So what could be the reason for that? How do I have to focus with it? Have I done anything wrong? And another question: How can I find out the thread size of the zoom lens, which doesn't have a description (and no information on the internet)? Maybe I am too goofy to google, so I could tell you the designation of it: "Angénieux 9-36 mm f/1.8" I measured it, but I am not sure if it's 37 or 38 mm .... I would be glad if I received an answer. :) Yours sincerely, Jan
  7. Hello, I am in need of some expert advice if possible. I have been making films for ten years or so and generally know what I am doing but I definitely do not consider myself a skilled camera operator or DOP. I have a short coming up that only involves a single, very slow moving tracking shot that is centred on a subject that is mostly static (a girl on a bed, she will perhaps move a little but only side-to-side so she should generally stay within the same focus range). The shot starts very wide and finishes in close-up. I've been trying to figure out a way to ensure that she stays in focus as the camera moves towards her without having to pull focus constantly as that would obviously require a remarkable level of skill and concentration. Does anyone know of a way that this can alternatively be done? I have considered alternative shots such as a slow zoom as that would cancel the focus problem but it works much better if we can physically move closer to her. We will very very probably be shooting on digital, in an ideal world I am looking to rent a Red camera and therefore a wide-angle prime lens as well. As it is a single shot of only around 6 mins I don't estimate any particular workflow problems, I hope! If anyone can help me with any form of suggestion it would be enormously appreciated.
  8. Has anybody got any experience with this new fiz unit? http://www.rtmotion.com/ I've got a 3D show coming up and they want to use this in a dual receiver configuration. Im used to the Preston 3 and Im uncertain of its reliability. But I noticed the receiver is only 90 grams! and the price tag for a 3 motor setup is only 10k! that seems insane to me. Anyway, if it works out I would seriously consider purchasing one. thanks
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