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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm going to work in a short film, about a group of blue collar man, train mechanics, that talk around a bonfire in a warehouse, which is a train workshop. I was thinking about the scene, trying to remember scenes from movies or series which a similar aesthetic. What I was thinking, especially with the bonfire, is that the scene could use a little of haze or smog, or mist in the air, which gives more volume to the air around the characters. The only way to do this is with an smog machine, or do you know another method? The idea is that another lights in the warehouse (the motivation is working lights, lights from the train, lights from the ceiling) could gain a little bit of volume, and in that way, give the scene more layers, besides the talents talking each other. If you have more information about how achieve this, or if you have some references from movies, or series, with similar aesthetic, I'll be grateful. Thank you all!
  2. Hey guys, We're preparing a shoot and I would really need some advice and suggestions on how to go about lighting this. My knowledge in interior lighting is a little too limited to make a call without checking in with other experienced cinematographers. The scene we are shooting is a dance scene between a spirit and a little girl, in a forest, at night in an incredibly dense fog. We're shooting indoors, in a large horse ranch, not letting in any lighting come in from the outside, filling the entire place up with fog, setting up a circular dolly and having most of the dance take place within the circle. (i've attached photos of our empty horse ranch) The thing here is that the "forest" is supposed to be lit by the moon. In terms of realism to the story, it should be the only lighting source in the scene. How would you guys go about this, taking into consideration that our budget is fairly limited (independent in-house production with our team) My thoughts is putting a MHI into a large skirted soft box over head. And then having 1 or 2 other lights to play around with on the ground depending on the shot. How many lights should go into the softbox? What would be best for the lights on the ground? Kino flos ok? LED? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Something to keep in mind is that we would be shooting some of the dance at 60 and sometime (rarely) 120 fps. Thanks guys, If you're interested its a scene we're shooting for the continuation of the Kin Fables, the first film can be seen here:
  3. Hi I'm having a shoot in a museum and are planning to use a K1 hazer with K1 haze fluid. I have shoot with this bad boy several times before in different historical locations with no visible negative effect to the location. However this time the museum needs documentation that it is a safe liquid to use in this environment. Does anybody know where I can find proper documentation for this or if there is a better hazer to use out there for this purpose? http://www.martin.com/en-us/support/product-details/k1-haze-fluid I've tried searching the Martin website for documentation but came up short. Best regards /Pelle
  4. I have a shoot coming up where the director wants it to have that glow look made popular in shows like The West Wing and used recently in the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis. The look in question has blown out, glowing highlights and a generally diffused image. I know how to do this effect in camera with filters and somewhat hard lighting and can also instruct the colorist to apply the effect in post. I've never done a whole show with this look so was wondering what DPs experienced with the look thought was the better method of achieving it.
  5. Looking to create an effect similar to adding fog to a scene, but a lot less dense - more like a mist to create a summery look with lots of depth. Would a household water mister work? Also thinking of any other particles I could blow through the scene to create depth? Shooting outdoors on moving vehicles (open-top bus & a ferry) so there will be natural wind. Any ideas to help create this effect? All location shoots, fairly low profile
  6. can anyone explain in details what are the exact difference between these filter? and What filter was used in these images? if any.
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