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Found 3 results

  1. I've seen this "ghosting" thing in a few videos but I'm unsure of how it's done? I assumed it was a tilt shift lens and they just mess around with it while shooting or is it something else? Maybe they put some sort of glass/prism in front of the lens to obscure the image? You can see it in this video from 00:15-00:18 https://youtu.be/YUYjxf9rHCY?t=13s Also, there's heavy use of flares in the video. Normally with flares, you shine a light along the edge of the lens. Sometimes you can see the light fixture come in and out of frame to create the flare. However, you never see any fixtures here in this video. I'm curious if I'm missing something here. Anyone know how to reproduce these flares? I thought maybe he was doing it in post, but the subject's image is effected by the flare which makes me think its practical. You can see a good portion of the flares at 2:50-2:55. I'm sure part of it has to do with the lens he is using and how it refracts light? or do you think its added in post?
  2. Hi everyone, I was hoping to see if anyone knew how to achieve these distorting effects found in these music videos. The first is in the music video for Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans track. It's used on and off notably at the 1:30 mark. The 2nd is this music video for Feist's Anti - Pioneer. It's more like a ghosting/doubling effect seen at the 40 second mark. These effects must be through some kind of filtration, in the case with the Feist video, allowing light to leak behind the diffusion filter to get reflections? With the Lana Del Rey video I'm not so sure. Physically holding warped glass in front of the lens? If anyone has attempted this before I'd love to get some pointers. Thanks! Chris
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if the slight ghosting of the previous frame is inherent in the Spirit transfer process. In the screen grab, you can see it around the eye and cheek of this snowman. The lines are where those were on the previous frame. Is this found with use in Arri scans, etc.? Thanks
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