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  1. Hi Chris, I'm interested. I've sent you a PM to discuss further. Chris
  2. Hello, I couldn't find a 65mm forum so I thought I would share this here. Does anyone know the formula to calculate the amount of time a 1000' mag of 65mm film would run with an 8-perf movement? Chris
  3. Hi Rick, Can you send me details on the Arricam LT 4 perf kit? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello, I'm looking for advice if anyone has done this themselves! I’m trying to up-convert the analog composite signal from a 435ES video tap to an HD-SDI signal so I can get a wireless feed going through a teradeck. What I’ve found online to be the best solution so far is the Aja V2 mini converter. The Decimators (specifically the MD-DUCC) are apparently very misleading and can't convert the analog CVBS signal to SDI, although the Decimator 2 can down-convert. Has anyone tried/tested any of these methods or found a way themselves? Thanks, Chris
  5. Hi Bill, Do you have anything online that you shot with this camera that you can share? Thanks, Chris
  6. Thanks Gregg, I've sent them a message. Still open to anyone else looking to sell! Chris
  7. Hi, I'm on the look out for an Arricam LT package. I'm based in Ontario Canada. Is anyone selling? Thanks, Chris
  8. Hello, I have a short film shoot set to go to camera early November and we're shooting on Kodak 35mm film. There's a particular scene involving two characters who go out for a night in the city and involves them running through the streets, in china town shops, and restaurants. We've set aside 5219 for those scenes and will be shooting on Zeiss Super Speeds but I'm worried it still won't be enough. So I've thought about push processing. The look of push processing would also aid the story as everything is supposed to feel heightened for the characters. I've never attempted it before so I wanted to see if anyone could help answer some questions: - Does push processing actually get you more image in the blacks or just simply up the contrast? - How many stops should one push to get clear characteristics of push processing (grain, contrast, saturation). I've heard that modern stocks need to be really pushed to their limits before seeing clear results? - Considering I'm shooting 500T, how do I rate the stock for each additional stop? +1 = 1000, +2 = 2000? - Is it even worth it to get the effect chemically or can the same results be achieved in the DI? Thanks for the help! Chris
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