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Found 12 results

  1. I have an Arri Alexa Plus package in great condition! Based out of Orlando Fl as well if you want to meetup locally -Arri Alexa Plus w/Gold Mount 2240 Hours (Highspeed License included) -Viewfinder (EVF) -Viewfinder extension bracket -2x Short Viewfinder Cables -2x Long Viewfinder Cables -24v Power Supply -2pin to 4pin XLR power cable -Ethernet Cable -BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter -Shoulder Pad -5x 64gb Sony SxS Cards -Sonnet SxS Thunderbolt Card Reader $6500 USD + Shipping Battery Not Included in post Link : https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1859771031029509/
  2. For sale is my URSA Mini 4.6k PL Kit. Looking at an upgrade to a UMP or making the jump to an Amira. Excellent condition with minimal hrs. More pictures/info available upon request. Asking $6300 for all of it. Will split paypal fees. Buyer to cover shipping. Open to reasonable offers. Kit includes: - URSA MINI 4.6K PL BODY - Side Handle w/ Lanc Cable - V-Mount Battery Plate (attached) - Smallrig Top Handle - Smallrig Top Cheeseplate - Power Supply - D-Tap to 4pin XLR - Resolve Dongle - 2x Komputerbay 64gb CF 2.0 Cards (BM approved) - Pelican CF card case - 2x 15mm rods - RED 18-50 T3 LENS - Pelican 1300 Lens Case (foam) - TILTA MB-T12 4x5.65 MATTEBOX - 80mm, 95mm, 114mm, 134mm lens clamps. - Hard Matte Set - 15mm rod clamp - Top Flag - TIFFEN 4x5.65 0.3 WW ND - TIFFEN 4x5.65 0.6 WW ND - TENBA CINELUXE 21 BACKPACK - 2x TENBA LENSWRAPS
  3. I own an old Ianebeam 2kw. It works great, and so far this year it has been used on an almost weekly basis on the shoots that I work on. I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere to purchase safety mesh/glass to put into the light, as the moment it is just fully open, and that worries me a little! I would never use this light in a tight space, I have mainly used it to light interiors from the exterior, so it's always placed away from actors/crew. It would be nice to complete the light with some safety mesh, or even a scrim for safety.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to be shooting a short film in the very near future on the Sony FS5. The Camera only comes with a kit lens, so I was wondering whether it was worth sourcing another lens to work with. I know friend's have pretty pricey Canon lenses, but I'm unsure whether these would be better or worse. The film is going to be shot mostly outside on location, shots of buildings and streets etc. If anyone has ideas, let me know. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I have just launched CineHaus an online used equipment site specialising in Used Cinematography Kit we buy and sell quality used cine kit www.cinehaus.co.uk We are in the process of adding more kit over the coming weeks, We currently have the following available Leica Summilux C Red Epic W Kit Canon C300 Mark II Arri FF4 Arri SMB2 Arri LMB25 Teredek Bolt 600 TX/RX Kit Miller Arrow 55 tripod Kit Tiffen IRND 1.2 (PV) Schneider Circ True Pola (PV) All prices on the site include (UK VAT) , Please contact me directly of you are an international buyer and i can send details of how to purchase without paying the VAT Thanks Kevin Harvey Director CineHaus London T: +44 (0) 7903 482 855 E: kevin@advantagefilms.com W: www.cinehaus.co.uk
  6. Hello, Selling Bright Tangerine Viv Kit 2: 4 x 5.65" 3 Stage Matte Box with Top Flag & Flag Mount & Three Horizontal Trays Also Includes: Bright Tangerine Viv and Viv 5 Swing Away Kit with 15mm Lightweight Arm Bright Tangerine 150-87 Clamp-On Ring Total Retail Value: $2,500. We are offering all the items for $1,700. Like New Condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  7. First time poster here. I just purchased a Dana Dolly rental kit (dana dolly, travel case, two lowboy combos, 5' of EMT track, and a Benro fluid tripod head). It's my first big purchase and I'm renting it out for the first time for an indie short film. It cost me $1,900 total and my plan is to rent it out enough to make money off of it, and eventually have it be passive income. If anyone has any tips for renting it out as far as websites to list it on, or any other ideas to expand my market, I'd greatly appreciate it. I plan on renting it for $100 a day. I live in the DC area, so if you feel like sharing what rental prices would look like in your area that would be great as well. My main concern is keeping it in the best condition that I can so that I'll be able to rent it out over the course of a few years, if it's not made obsolete by something else. What would you recommend for keeping all of my gear in good condition?
  8. Reflector holder & glass reflector for Studio 5000 Theatre, Compact 4000, Studio 2000, ... (can be used as retrofit kit for old glass reflector versions) -EBAY LINK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321919867922?
  9. Hello everybody. It's my first post on lighting here on Cinematography.com I'm looking for a lighting kit to use with my Black magic Pocket Cam and 16mm lenses, that could be affordable, compact, and produce good results. Artificial Lighting is not my strong on Cinematography, I normally improvise with natural light, and have used an Arri Red kit before. Loved the results. I know there's a difference between fluorescent, incandescent and LED... though what would be a good choice in the case of using for small productions? When it comes to buy, its worth ask around for those who understand before go to BH Photo. Please let me know your suggestions. And thanks in advance. Thanks, Flavio
  10. Hello, I'm familiar with some of the great ready-made condenser mics (e.g, Rode) that slide into the flash shoe, and those are great. However, a particular project requires something different and unique for diegetic room sound, so I have a collection of older (some are condenser) microphones (some interesting German mics, PZMs, etc.) I would like to use, while retaining what general lightness and nimbleness of the rig as I can. Does anyone have recommendations for nice XLR Adapters/Portable Recorders intended for DSLR video? The idea being to run one of the following 1) a 48V Phantom Powered Condenser mic into a box that fits nicely on or in the vicinity of the camera, which takes the XLR balanced in, provides 48V, perhaps has a few conveniences (e.g., 100hz cutoff/high pass filter switch, pad switch, DB/input meter, etc). A built-in Limiter would be an obvious plus but probably would push the price beyond where it needs to be. I would be interested in peoples' experiences using these single channel types (that have a 1/8" output to plug into the camera's line in), particularly where on-board power (e.g., 9V/Battery) vs external power supply is concerned (as to noise floor and any substantial impact on quality). 2) The same as #1, but multi-channel, 2-4 is probably the sweet spot I'm aiming for (though 8 inputs stacked couldn't hurt if it's compact enough). Though in this case, I'd be talking about an external recording device, not an adapter, that's oriented towards video audio capture, and ideally, built with filming with these types of cameras in mind (then transferring and mixing that audio in post, thus having the individual channels separate to work with in editing). So, the same questions as in #1, but also, I'd wonder which devices have proved very suited to the task (35mm DSLR filming in studio, and field capability would be a huge plus) I say "these devices" because I understand the 5Dmkii and mkiii can take SMPTE timecode into the 3.5mm audio input, so I would imagine there are some devices that are like the many others out there, with 1-4 XLR ins with 48V, but perhaps also with an extra 3.5mm cable out to transmit timecode, and perhaps one or more channels of audio (as a submix, for redundancy) straight into the camera while filming? A built-in mic for in-a-pinch situations wouldn't hurt either. I came across this device (Beachtek DXA-5D XLR Adapter) from a cursory search, which has a nice look to it (it's single channel, thus the small and elegant design size-wise, relative to the camera base). Something like that would be great for #1. For #2, that'd be a great format (with the dual tripod connectors), but most likely it's going to be a more outboard piece of equipment due to having audio data storage onboard, more connectors, and greater power requirements. Thanks for your kind suggestions!
  11. £449 ARRIFLEX 16S + 2 MAGAZINES (8V) + ORIGINAL ARRIFLEX MATTEBOX + ORIGINAL 8V MOTOR + ORIGINAL CABLE Fully working. Just serviced by Les Bosher in South Wales. Pristine and clean inside and outside. Original Mattebox is in good condition. Magazines have some signs of use and acrylic pieces (on footage meter) cracked, but does not affect performance. Serial Number: 6587 £499 ARRIFLEX 16S + 2 MAGAZINES (1 12V, 1 8V) + ORIGINAL ARRIFLEX MATTEBOX + TOBIN TCS TM23 + ORIGINAL CABLE Fully working. Just serviced by Les Bosher in South Wales. Pristine and clean inside and outside. Original Mattebox is in very good condition. Magazines have some signs of use and both acrylic piece (on footage meter) cracked, but does not affect performance. Serial Number: 8467 PLEASE CHECK DOCS ATTACHED WITH PICTURES. CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE. WOULD LOVE TO KEEP THEM, BUT NEED THE MONEY.
  12. Hello, I'm selling this 4 light (2 tweenie, 2 betweenie) Mole Richardson lighting kit in like new condition. There is a little bit of wear on the outside of the case and some heat discoloration on some scrims. There are a couple of extra lamps (bulbs) too. Mole calls it their #5826 kit. Mole-Richardson Tweenie II Tungsten 4 Light Combo Kit - consists of: 2 Tweenie II 650W Fresnels, 2 Betweenie 300W Fresnels, Barndoors, Scrims, 4 Lightwate Kit Stands and Moleded (Yep, their spelling) Case - - 1900 Total Watts (120-240VAC) It is the same one as this bhphoto link: http://www.bhphotovi...eenie_II_4.html and here: http://www.filmandvi...ltweeniibe.html $2500. I am near Portland, OR and will ship it to you if needed. Also, I have more pictures (and of a higher resolution) I can email you. Thanks! ~Chad
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