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Found 4 results

  1. For Sale: JSC Optika 25-80mm Vario Optar T3.3 Zoom (PL mount) Asking $4,500 USD. This is a very compact and *very* lightweight cinema 35mm/APS-C format zoom lens (less than 2.25 lbs!) with a great 25-80mm range and a constant T3.3. The Du-All Camera website says that theirs is adaptable to EF mount, so it's possible this one is too (though I can make no guarantees). The serial number implies a production year of 1994, but I'd say the image it creates could fairly be described as a "vintage" look, including how it flares. Focus and iris are smooth. Zoom feels a little uneven at the wide end and has a little play at the telephoto end. There's some light oil on the iris blades visible, and there are coating scratches visible on both front and rear elements, and some spots visible in the picture on some internal elements (maybe oil? see pics) but I couldn't get any of those to affect the image. The lens has bright markings for feet and inches (Imperial). A word of caution that the front *does* rotate and telescope when pulling focus (so it's not exactly matte box friendly), but there's an adapter on the front of the lens to use any round Series 9 filters you might want. I think a lot of people might embrace the lens flares from a vintage lens like this, so the lack of a matte box (and that extra weight savings) might be preferred anyway. You could also talk with Ben at Arma Cine to see if he can make an Orbital system for this lens, which is what I've seen Old Fast Glass has done for a few of their vintage zooms that have rotating fronts. There are so few vintage cinema zooms (for example, to compliment a shoot using vintage primes) that are as compact and lightweight as this one, especially with such a great range. All of the un-edited sample images I took (with a Fujifilm X-H2S) were wide open and at close focus, except the last two (or where noted). I'm potentially open to a trade/partial trade for a Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm and/or 25mm (Series III only) in very good condition, either not rehoused or TLS-rehoused. I'm not interested in any other trades at this time. I always prefer an in-person NYC sale where the buyer can see or try out the lens on their camera. I also have friends in Los Angeles who can help facilitate an in-person sale, if you're LA-based. And if you're somewhere else, I'm also open to working with a broker like Lori Carson or Matt Livingston, or a lens technician/third party service company, if you cover the shipping and associated costs involved. Please feel free to send me a direct message if you have any questions. More pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjARwux
  2. Full set serviced less than a year ago by Charles Pickel at Serious Gear. The glass is pristine aside from a tiny pinprick on the rear element coating of the 9.5mm, has absolutely no effect on the image whatsoever. Message me if you're interested and want photos of the individual lenses, they really are absolutely pristine! Markings are in feet, NOT metric. Here are a couple projects I shot with these lenses, they produce some really beautiful images: https://www.fiokarpenko.com/thick-and-heavy https://www.fiokarpenko.com/howl Looking to get $14,000 for the full set.
  3. I’m selling my Aaton LTR 54 camera package and six lenses. I’m located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The camera (serial no. 1096) is factory-original Super 16 and features a nice internal black and white video tap, purchased from and installed by Visual Products several years back. In the kit: two mags, three batteries, Aaton charger, right-hand grip, and a solid case. The camera was last serviced in 2010 and hasn’t been used much since then. It is in generally good shape. Only two known issues: the rubber film guides in the mags have dissolved (this is apparently a common problem and can be fixed) and the batteries need re-celling. Also, the wooden right-hand grip was broken and repaired when I first got it, but it’s only a cosmetic problem — the grip functions properly and feels very nice in hand. I’ll sell the lenses individually or as a set. I have four Optar Illumina primes (9.5mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 50mm) in Arri B-mount. Plus a Zeiss 85mm prime that has been converted to Aaton mount, and an Aaton mount Angenieux 15-150mm zoom lens. I’m asking $4,000 for the camera as-is and $1,000 each for the lenses. If you’d prefer me get the batteries and mags fixed before selling it, I’m asking $5,000 for the camera. If you buy four or more of the lenses, I’ll throw in the Pelican case. And if want everything — the camera and all the lenses — I’ll come down on the price. If you have any questions about anything or want more info, just let me know. And if you’d like to reach me off list, feel free to text me (205-427-2850) or email me at chance@crewless.com. And you can see photos of everything on my OneDrive... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqJuGMR4C7hqkFR0MLBsIabWtMyh?e=PnluVW Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am considering to buy a used optar 25-80mm PL mount zoom lens for all-round documentary use for the Sony F3 camera but can't find much information on this online. Has anyone got experience with this lens in regards of sharpness, breathing and vignetting? (I am considering this as a good price alternative to other PL zoom lenses out there that are minimum 5 times as expensive.) Tone
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