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  1. I mean, there’s a long list of active civil liberty issues that the ACLU is currently working on, so it’s an argument that not all of our social injustice ills are past us.
  2. People aren’t moaning over things that have already been fixed. They’re reminding you that (1) the injustices of the past still affect people today and (2) if we aren’t mindful of the injustices of the past they might return. The past is indeed past, but the present does not exist in a vacuum. And it is foolish to look at current events and not at least consider how they might mirror historical precedents.
  3. I am pretty sure I have mentioned in one of the millions of posts in this thread (you might have missed it, fair enough) that prejudice or bigotry is not my concern. My concern is bigots using the power of the state/legal system to bully people. There is currently a “religious freedom” movement in the U.S. that seems more concerned with harassing gay people than it is with any recognizable tenets of religion. The photographer tried it and lost, some baker won the right to discriminate against gay people at the Supreme Court. So I guess the court decisions are mixed, but they are certainly not decisively striking a blow for gay people's freedoms. It would seem the next step is maybe a white supremacist restaurant owner can claim “religious freedom” and refuse to serve diners of color, and then we’re back to segregated lunch counters. A slippery slope, as it were. But I am just a guy tilting at windmills, so what do I know.
  4. Since things are so great nowadays, somebody should probably let the ACLU know so they can shut down their website. https://www.aclu.org
  5. Or it’s just that people like to make themselves (or their constituents, if they’re a politician) feel better by bullying a marginalized group... immigrants, people of color, women, gay people, trans people, etc. It’s been that way for thousands of years. But no, you’re probably right, everything is cool now and nobody wants to bully anybody, it is just that life is real complex and intricate and whatnot. Sigh. But seriously, there are several replies in this thread expressing the classic centrist argument “the past is past, get over it.” If that’s true, please let us know the date (or at least the year) that justice finally arrived in the U.S. and mistreatment due to gender, race, or sexuality was done away with once and for all.
  6. This is actually a good point. It illustrates that a lot of these anti-trans bathroom laws are unenforceable (because who is inspecting genitals in a public restroom?) and are just on the books to bully trans people. The cruelty is the point.
  7. Ask your trans friends or your gay friends why they are so impatient about waiting on the courts to deliver justice. That’s not even snark. I promise you they can answer that question a lot better than I can.
  8. Dude, I live in Alabama. You can talk all the shit you want about California. California ain’t got nothing on Alabama when it comes to being awful.
  9. Oh that’s what it is. There were problems with social injustice in the past, but that was all cleared up after they started letting gay people get married half a decade ago. Or was it cleared up when the president who pals around with white supremacists lost the 2020 election? Either way, that’s all in the past and I am sure everything in the U.S. is 100% fair and equitable now.
  10. You understand that one of the big drawbacks about being in a marginalized group is that, by definition, marginalized groups don’t have a lot of political power, right? Like, it was easy to tell Black people in the segregationist south to solve their problems at the ballot box. But systematic oppression is famously resistant to the ballot box.
  11. So now we’re at “the trans women should just shut up and use the men’s room when they’re at Walmart”? All I can say about this plan is maybe you should ask a few trans women what they think about this suggestion.
  12. I don't believe this because nobody is trying to take public bathrooms away from poor non-trans people, but they are trying to take public bathrooms away from rich trans people.
  13. And yet the baker won the case so he doesn’t have to bake cakes for gay weddings. And that’s a SCOTUS case, so I expect the photographer can win her case if she wants to appeal it.
  14. You seem to keep missing the point. My pragmatic solutions and your pragmatic solutions don’t matter when elected officials are actively passing laws designed to make trans people’s lives a little more miserable, just because the elected officials are looking for a marginalized group of people to bully.
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