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Found 12 results

  1. Hey peeps, Has anyone experience to rig/setup an Arri SR3 on a DJI Ronin2? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
  2. HIGH CAPACITY SHOCK ABSORBING ARM Compatible with all DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and larger professional camera setups. Brand new Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting system, photos on request, Can also supply proof of purchase. Asking $1100 USD contact @ stewartwhelan@mac.com (1) Dovetail Plate L1 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L1) (1) Dovetail Plate L2 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L2) (1) Dovetail Plate L3 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L3) (1) Dovetail Plate L4 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L4) (1) Dovetail Connector Plate for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-DCP) (1) Large Suction Cup for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-LSC) (2) Small Suction Cup for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SSC) (1) Shock Absorbing Arm with Hydraulic Damping Pole for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SAA) (1) 90 Degree Adapter for Shock Absorbing Head for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-ASA) (1) Shock Absorbing Head for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SAH) (1) Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 with power cable (TGA-PBP) (1) Dual Battery Plate Support Bracket for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-DPS) (1 x 10-piece set) Cable Clamp Suction Cup for for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-CSC) (1) Tool Kit for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-TK) (1) Safety Belt (219-000000-089) (2) V-Mount Battery Plate for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-BP-V) (1) Car Mounting Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-WSC)
  3. Purchased for a project - project is over. Condition is great with some signs of use. There is a crack in a bottom battery holder which doesn't affect anything and a few dents on the pan arm. Includes: Cinemilled Arm extensions ($199) Cinemilled Pan Arm Extension ($179) Cinemilled PRO Dovetail ($99) DJI Dual Rod support ($89) Cinemilled Counterweight (2x) DJI Rod clamp (2x) ($49 each) DJI battery (2x) DJI Charger DJI Remote control DJI Lens support DJI Receiver for Thumb Controller DJI regular dovetail DJI Stand DJI case Keys, screws Great for DSLR, RED, Canon, Sony, Alexa Mini. Local pick up in New York. $1500 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qMqlj5FRwwipQa18x8RgvhkOudU-5Hz1?usp=sharing
  4. Kit Contains: Case Ronin (supports camera weight up to 16 lbs.) 2 Ronin batteries and 1 charger Hardware Docking Base Remote DJI Thumb Remote 6 short 15mm rods Cinemilled Dovetail Plate CineMilled Universal Mount CineMilled Pan, Arm, and Tilt extensions all installed. Original tilt arms included. Cinemilled Pan Arm Weight Plate Located in Portland, OR. Local Pickup available. Original Ronin Stabilizer, mainly used (never abused) on broadcast ads as personal kit by a camera professional. This is still a great and affordable option for someone starting out, or maybe a film school looking to teach camera movement. The amount of aftermarket accessories is worth more than the starting auction price here. Mostly aluminum and not as prone to high intensity vibration as some of the newer lighter models. The Li-Po batteries last a long time, compared to similar power AB bricks. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package (2 to 3 business days).
  5. DJI Ronin - MBrand New! Priced at: $650.00Incredibly Compact and Light!3-Axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal that holds a variety of cameras, giving you smooth, stable hand-held footage.Batteries not included.Total weight of 5.07 lb.Support cameras up to 8 lb.Precision of Control: ±0.02°Tool-Less Balance Adjustment SystemTransmitter for Remote Pan/Tilt ControlSilent mode for quiet operationUSB and Power Tap Power OutputsAssistant Software for iOS and WindowsBluetooth Wireless Interface for SetupPlease text if interested: 760-505-7011
  6. Hi, This Ronin-MX has been used for one shot. I bought it last 3 months ago. Still on warranty. Like brand new. Ask: 1200.00USD + optionnel 200.00USD for Nanuk 960 case. Contact: sansoucypierre@yahoo.com Pierre
  7. hey yall i have a DJI Ronin for sale here which includes CineMilled accessories. Included in the kit is the following (everything in the photos) http://s1065.photobucket.com/user/wbrettmayfield/library/ronin Case (one missing handle) Ronin 3 Ronin batteries and 1 charger Hardware Base Remote 6 short 15mm rods 3 arm clamps for aks CineMilled Universal Mount and Quick Switch Mount Plate CineMilled Pan, Arm, and Tilt extensions all installed. Original tilt arms included CineMilled Steadicam adapter (fits GPI Pro post) $2200 Kit is located in Atlanta. Happy to do a local sale and pickup. Buyer pays shipping. Shipping will be ground due to LiOn batteries. Very unlikely that I will do an international sale, unless you can figure out how to manage battery shipping. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or more photos 12@brettmayfield.com brett.
  8. Hey, guys, selling my Red Epic package, here is the link, let me know if you have any questions, cheers http://www.ebay.com/itm/222483796329?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. For sale is the following gear for 5,400.00 stevegreen123@gmail.com All gear is in near new condition, some scrapes but everything functions as new. All gear which came that the original purchase is included. All the equipment included in this auction would cost approx. 8,000.00 US, plus tax if purchased today. I’m selling the rig because I’m not doing as much gimbal work as I thought I would. Here's the beauty and versatility of the Flowcine Serene. The EZ Rig cord is routed through the Serene which is infinitely adjustable. It comes with light, medium, and large tension springs which change out in a snap. It also adjusts with a knob on the Serene for finer adjustments. You’ll be able to put any weight camera package on the rig. Not only that, but it isolates the “Y” axis tension of the cord. Check out Flowcine Serene (2,995.00) online with the links. With the Serene extension (included) it lines up the camera or movi so it’ll hang straight down from the top. You don’t have to fight the angle of the cord. Easy Rig Cinema 3 600N http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/easyrig-cinema-3.html Flowcine Serene http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/serene-by-flowcine.html Flowcine Serene Extension http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/flowcine-serene-extension.html Flowcine Puppeteer http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/puppeteer-by-flowcine.html Flowcine Movi/Ronin Handle Mount http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/flowcine-puppeteer-top-handle-grip.html Flowcine Helix Mount http://www.flowcine.com/accessories-puppeteer/49-puppeteer-helix-grip.html EZ Rig Extra Large Bag http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/easyrig-replacement-mc-rig-carrying-bag.html
  10. Hello, I have a shot in a future project where I would like to achieve it using a Movi/Ronin. It's a "one shot" type shot, however we will be using whip pans to hide cuts. I'm curious, how quickly can you whip pan with those? Thank you, Chris
  11. I am selling my complete Freefly Movi M10 kit. Nearly everything is brand new. It's got one day left and is bidding for $1,675. No reserve! Here is a link to the auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221646518576?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 I am willing to sell it right now for $6400 with free local pick up in LA. Let me know, my number is (951) 219-8892 Thanks!
  12. Hello! I just wanted to stop by to introduce one of my products to the forum. It's called the Intersex Plate. It's shipping now on my website: http://mediablackout.net/product/intersex-plate/ This plate allows you to do several things, including: Attach a field recorder, like the BlackMagic Hyperdeck Shuttle, to an unused battery plate on a Steadicam Attach a Teradek Bolt or Paralinx Tomahawk / Arrow-X to a camera’s unused battery plate when used on a Steadicam or Gimbal (Freefly Movi, DJI Ronin, etc.) allowing builds to stay lower Clamp two Intersex Plates together to secure accessories that have no mounting points, like a Decimator AJA Mini Converter, etc. DITs can mount the Intersex Plate to a VESA 75 compatible stand or arm on their cart as a quick disconnect to allow small to medium sized monitors to mount and unmount easily and quickly Can be use to attach a V-mount and Gold Mount battery plates to iris rods The Intersex Plate can be used for so much more! The plate can also act as a sex-changer for other plates. It has hole patterns for: Gold Mount (male or female) V-Mount V-Wedge (Element Technica) Teradek Bolt Paralinx Tomahawk / Arrow-X VESA 75 9mm On-Center 1/4-20 (Red Spacing) 1″ On-Center 10-32 (Berkey System)
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