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  1. ALEXA PLUS CAMERA Serial 2773 & 2728 Handle Extension Block (HEB-2) Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3 Steadicam Low Mode Plate Shoulder Pad (SP-4) 3 x 64GB SxS cards BP-13 Bridge Plate + Spare BP-13 Bottom Plate 300mm / 12" ALEXA PLUS MODULE ALEXA SXS MODULE ALEXA EVF-1 VIEWFINDER ScatterBOX2x Configuration: MOVIN ON Module (2) 3pin 24v Fischer, (2) 2pin 12v Lemo, (2) 2.5A USB, (1) Remote, V-Lock INPUT, V-Lock OUTPUT BAB-G BATT ADPT BACK-GOLD MT EVFVIEWFN CBL MEDIUM ARRI SD CARD EVF VIEWFN CABL SHORT CENTER CAMERA HANDLE VIEWFINDER MNTNG BRCKT VMB-1 VIEWFNDR ORIENTABLE ARM HEB-2 HANDLE EXTENSION BRACKET TURRET PLUG PL MOUNT ARRI-POWER 24V W-LCS ANTENNA ALEXA CAMERA CASE Arri Internal Filter Module Filter set includes FSND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5,1.8, 2.1, 2.4 Internal Filter Module (IFM-1) Set Asking $11K USD per camera kit Contact stewartwhelan@mac.com
  2. 'm selling my Kessler Shuttle Pod & 8ft of track Revolution Head, camera control module & two Oracle controllers + 1 x 500 series Motor, 2 x 12V batteries. + 1516 Pelican case Used only once (bought for one production, ending up not using it). Mint condition. $4800.00 Amazing for motion time lapse contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com for pictures
  3. NEW PRICE $60K US DOLLARS + 5 x 32GB SxS Cards
  4. yes, it has the 15mm spacing & is the MKII version Stewart
  5. Alexa camera body serial 3627 Alexa SxS option Pro Res Codec Option ASD-1 Arri SD Card EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder BAT-V Batt ADPT Back V mount VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VIC-030 VF Interface CBL 30cm VEB-1 Viewfinder Ext Bracket VIC-100 VF Interface CBL 100cm Alexa Ethernet Cable KC 153-S Alexa 12V Access Cable KC 154 WA-1 Wedge Adapter BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adapter LB-1 Leveling Block SP-3 Shoulder Pad CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket Bridgeplate Top BP-13 Asking $62K US Dollars Email me for pictures and more details stewartwhelan@mac.com
  6. Arri MB-20 Matte Box MB-20 Side Flags + Top Flag 2 x 4x5.6 Filter trays 1 x 138mm Insert ring This Matte Box is in perfect condition, used only for one job, no marks are scratches. Asking $4500 USD
  7. Arri Alexa for sale, a complete package. The camera has 1100hours + arri extended warranty Sept 2013. I have been the only owner. Price $70K. For more info contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com email for more pictures. Alexa EV Camera Body 1 Alexa SXS Option 1 Pro Res Codec Option 1 Quicktime File Format Option 1 S x S Pro Card 64GB 5 S x S Pro Card 32GB 4 EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder 1 VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 1 VIC-030 VF Interface CBL 30cm 2 VEB-1 Viewfinder extension bracket 1 VIC-100 VF Interface CBL 1 Alexa Ethernet CBL 1 Alexa 12V Acc CBL 2 CBL 6' STRT 24V-3PIN 2 WA-1 Wedge Adaptor 1 BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adaptor 1 LB-1 Leveling Block 1 SP-3 Shoulder Pad 1 CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle 1 HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket 1 Baseplate 12" 1 BAT-V Batt Adpt back F/V MT 1 Bridgeplate Top BP-13 1 Low Mode Support Set 1 High Speed Licence Key 1 ASD-1 Arri SD Card
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