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Found 5 results

  1. For Sale : Servicevision Scorpio FF 2X Anamorphic lenses X 5 lenses in the set. 35, 40, 50, 75 & 100mm
  2. Includes: Single Channel Handset, MDR2 (both Blue Dot and 4G), DM-1 motor with 19mm Hill bracket with 15mm inset, 1 Marking Ring, 2 working Batteries, ac charge with lighter cable. Camera cables for: Sony, Panavision, 11pin Fischer. Power cables MDR to: Ptap, 3 Pin, 24V Panavision, 11 Pin Fischer. MDR mounting bracket (V mount), motor cable. Custom Innerspace Pelican case Send me your email. This website has a ridiculous small size for pictures to be posted. Shame on it.
  3. Can't afford a Lamda head? Want an incredibly versatile over/underslung hydraulic head? Search no more, for sale this top shape Weaver Steadman head. It was serviced last year. Comes with: Pan Module Tilt Module 3rd axis module 3 different size Base Plates 7 pipes for versatile setting Regular straight and 3rd axis handles 2 pipe locks Tie down (Mitchell) Screws All in 2 ATA cases
  4. Hello. I want to take this opportunity to introduce our services at www.seatoskycam.com We offer 1 axis cable cam systems for cinema or broadcast and can carry up to 200 pounds of camera gear. We have multiple systems from small RC cable cam drones to systems that can stretch 2500 feet long and use high speed winches that achieve 55m/hr uphill. We can set up these A to B rigs on any slope from horizontal to vertical. Our office is located in Vancouver B.C. but we are available for service worldwide. Thank you
  5. Hi All, I have a nice Scorpio FIZ system with 3 motors that works great and I'm looking to sell it. Includes: 1-Handset 1-Receiver/motor amp 3-Digital Scorpio Motors 4-Focus Knob marking rings 3-Motor Brackets 1-Hill Motor Bracket 4- Batteries for Handset 1-AC/DC Battery Charger 4-Motor Cables Power Cable from Steadicam PRO to Receiver Power Cable from 4-pin xlr to Receiver Power Cable from Anton Bauer D-Tap to Receiver Power Cable from Arri 16-pin Fisher to Receiver Power/Run Cable from 4-Pin Red Camera to Receiver 2-Arri 3-pin Lemo power/run cables Arri 16-pin Fisher to Receiver Run/Control Cable 50' Handset to Receiver Hard wire cable .40 Motor Gear .50 Canon Motor Gear .60 Fujinon Motor Gear Receiver mounting plate Custom Anvil Case Everything you see in enclosed pictures is included. $12,500 OBO PM, email, leave message if interested What's the deal with adding photos to these posts?
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