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Found 7 results

  1. I'm regrettably selling my very gently used Arri Skypanel S30-C Light and huge lot of accessories as I'm moving out of the country soon and am selling off much of my gear. This is, in my opinion, the ultimate compact and versatile light/kit for anyone doing interviews, doc, industrial, music videos and narrative work, and a great addition to anyone's light kit. It's goes up fast and easily, isn't hot, it's quiet, and includes modifiers to suit any situation! It's extra feature including RGB color and pre programed lighting effects are amazing creative tools as well. It's an extremely high quality light made by a reputable company so you can be sure it's going to be solid for years to come. I'm sad to see it go as I put so much time and effort into putting it together... The kit includes: - Arri Skypanel S30-C in near new condition, with very few hours of operation and no functional issues - Skypanel Remote with extension USB cable, lanyard and pouch - Skypanel S30 Chimera and mounting frame, with multiple diffusers including: 1 Stop Diffuser, 1/2 Grid, 1/4 Grid, as well as the inner baffle - 40 Degree Ez pop Egg Crate to direct light and control spill, which opens and mounts in a snap and is rigid - 60 Degree Honeycomb Crate which mounts directly on the light to control spill - 4x modifiers for the Skypanel, including: Standard, Heavy, Lite and Intensifier which fit into a custom made holder - Customized Temba Case, specially designed inside with additional reinforcing for protection, that fits everything All together nearly $8,000 worth of gear new, all in excellent condition, all ready to go in one package for your next shoot! Selling for $5,000. DM me. Local pick up in Los Angeles area is ideal, but otherwise shipping is covered to the lower 48 states.
  2. Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL Office 1224 NE 8th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Email: info@movingpicture.com Phone: : 305-522-1361 Website: https://movingpicture.com/ https://cameracrewmiami.com/ Description: Moving Picture Rental is Florida’s One Stop Shop for all your production services and rental needs. As your on-site production partner we share our collective filmmaking experience – guiding your team to the right gear and crew for the job. We provide digital cinema camera rentals, lens rentals, film lighting packages, grip truck rentals, post-production rentals, walkie-talkies and expendables at competitive prices. We‘ll give you access to our network of seasoned camera crews and assistants, grips, gaffers, sound mixers, hair and makeup and PA’s. We’re in the business of helping your production to succeed!
  3. Selling my Skypanel S60-C due to lack of use. No VAT. Owned since new, works perfectly. Includes triple riser stand, snapbag, panel snapgrid, and ballast. Only 198 hours on the clock. There's some small cosmetic scratches on the stickers and aluminium. Paid around £6k new, asking £3.5k. Collection from SW6, London. HenryJGill@gmail.com
  4. Arri Skypanel S60-RP (Remote Phosphor) with 3 phosphor panels 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, Arri carrying case (holds all phosphor panels with light), barns doors, Pelican Air 1485 case for power supply and Kupo light stand. Like new, very low hours (approximate 50 hours of use).This fixture produces the most beautiful light you will get from an LED, ideal for lighting talent/faces. Strong preference for a local buyer, I'm based in Toronto. Replacement cost for setup $9800, asking $7500 (in Canadian Dollars).
  5. Hi all, I'm prepping for a Christmas promo, for which the director wants a "winter evening cosy warm family house glow". We're building a set inside a large hangar, and it will require a roof as the sound is super echoey. There is space outside of the set for lighting and rigging. Talent will be sat on the sofas, two people per sofa. They're playing charades so may be standing up and being quite active. There'll be two cameras cross shooting as we only have the talent for one hour. My initial thoughts are to rig a scaff pole across the top of the set and create a skirted soft box with 2 x Skypanel S60 or Litemats. However I worry that might be a bit too 'toppy'. We'll have fake snow falling outside the window so I thought an M18 pushing through diff with 1/2 CTO + 1/8 Green should make a nice soft moonlight effect. All other fixtures will be set to 3200k, the lights on the Christmas tree and the practicals will be doing a fair bit of work inside the set, and the two Skypanels behind the cameras will be for additional fill / motivated practical light if necessary. Practicals should be on dimmers, maybe even with RGB bulbs. Art department will be putting in a fake fire, it would be nice to have a Skypanel on fire effect mode but i'm not sure where it would go. Hoping to shoot on Alexa Mini and Ultra Primes but suggestions for a warmer/more Christmassy combo would be appreciated. Am I missing anything? Would you build anything else in for keying the talent? Some bounce around the table height? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I am writing to you because I need help for a job that I will have to do soon. I'll have to illuminate a pink colored limbo with a model that will be framed in full figure. This is a reference that the director sent me: He asked me a beauty soft light with no shadows on the ground... Unfortunately on this job I will be alone and will have little time, so I exclude the possibility of using frames... However, I have a discreet budget to rent skypanels and/or hmi lights, but the rental doesn't have ghost lights. I'm attaching the light setup I planned to use, do you think it can work? The stage is not so big so I can't work from distance. Do you have any advice?
  7. Hey I just wanted to start a conversation about the new Arri SkyPanels and see what everyone thinks about them. Feel free to point out things to improve on, things it does well, etc. I just bought one of the S60-C fixtures and have been finding lots of ways to use it. A lot of DPs I work with have been digging it too. For me the selling factor is control. Very quick and easy color and intensity tuning, and an extremely wide range of adjustments at that. I try to have DMX control of everything too so this unit fits in perfectly to my Luminair workflow. There are a few small things I don't like: color can be skippy when you're doing through hues. The intensity knob is weirdly sensitive sometimes and very unresponsive other times. Unpredictable. Also I tried controlling my fixture via RJ45 instead of DMX recently and I got no data. Not sure why it didn't work. Let er rip! Drew Valenti Gaffer - LA drewvalenti@gmail.com
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