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Found 5 results

  1. Hi group, Just came up with an idea - and I am sure I'm not the first one, because it's kind of obvious: Why not thinking about "Ultra 8mm"? All it needs is a sprocket hole offset so it coincides with the frame line. Since Max 8 (Super Duper 8) is a "camera only" format, there should be no reason not to include the Super 8mm equivalent of "Ultra 16mm": Simply (= when constructing a new camera) expand the film gate to the entire usable width of film with the option for a sprocket hole offset (shifting the pulldown claw mechanism vertically by half a frame)? Sure: the Super 8mm sprocket hole is quite "high" and sandwiching an image between these would leave quite some wasted space. There's also the issue with the film code printed between sprocket holes. But it might be a good idea for shooting something resembling anamorphic widescreen. Sure: cropping needs to be as tight as possible and the film gate needs to be very clean: no headroom. Has this option been considered already? I attached a crude line drawing I made over the the Wikipedia image, showing two adjacent frames of the "Ultra 8mm" image. Just thought I'd share this. Hope it's not redundant. Thoughts? Christian
  2. MONO NO AWARE, cinema-arts NPO and film-positive community in Brooklyn is offering affordable accessible workshops this Spring in traditional film making. Workshops are all inclusive, equipment, film stock, processing, scanning, and premiere screening party. APRIL OFFERINGS + SHOOTING AND PROCESSING HI-CON FILM **NEW** + OPTICAL SOUND TRACKS : 16MM FILM MAKING WITH SOUND **NEW** + INTRODUCTION TO 16MM COLOR FILM MAKING WITH BOLEX REX-5 + STOP MOTION PUPPET ANIMATION ON 16MM COLOR FILM + DIRECT 'CAMERA-LESS' FILM MAKING TECHNIQUES + SUPER 8MM B/W REVERSAL FILM MAKING AND HAND PROCESSING We are a resource for rentals (XTR Prod, ACL, Rex-5+) film stock (Official Kodak distributor + short ends in 16mm and 35mm), equipment (Optical Printer, Steenbeck, etc), facilities (Contact printer, editing station) and processing right here in Brooklyn. To learn more visit: http://mononoawarefilm.com/workshops/
  3. Hello, Nice meeting all of you. I been shooting a bunch of super8mm this past year, and really enjoying the process. Im just starting out to play with 16mm and will appreciate any answer or help. (no need in-depth or long replies) - I just got a "new" Krasnogorsk K-3 - I was wondering where can I send it to check up/service in Los Angeles Area. Any tricks and tips about that camera? - Where can I get a proper loop for it? - Where is the best telecine lab you guys know in the US? - Super8mm - where can I service my cameras? I got Canon 1014AZ that needing a service as the motor start to get weak. Thank you in advance, Benjo https://vimeo.com/benjoarwas
  4. We shot some key pieces of this short film using super 8mm. It was pretty seamless but helped add to the effect that you were watching someones real home movies: http://redd.it/34bi0f
  5. Greetings, I recently purchased two Sylvania Sun Guns, I mainly shoot on the following: Bolex 5120: Super8mm Bauer C5 XL: Super8mm Krasnogorsk 3: 16mm Canon Scoopic: 16mm The Sylvania models are: The Sun Gun I and II models Is there a safe way to use a diffuser with these bad boys? I am interested in the Sun Gun made by Slyvania that is both a flood and spot light. What can these features offer me?? I know these bad boys can get dangerously hot. Is there a way to take a device that plugs into get power into an outlet and make it plug into a portable battery? Also whats the deal with these things: Cine 60 Sun Guns? How would LED lights effect super8 and 16mm filmmaking? I recently held on for a friend who was shooting with Canon 5D or 7D not sure but it was fun and I enjoyed shifting the temperature and viewing the viewfinder of the camera to see the effects when I shifted the temperature knob. I would like some advice and general input from this community.
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