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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just finished helping a friend of mine with a shoot and the DP on set had two tools with him. One being a light meter and the other one I couldn't figure out what it could be. He would take a reading with the light meter then he would take this tool out of his pocket and a green light would flash and then he would look at it, then adjust the film camera. I thought it could be a pocket camera but I have never seen it before. Just looking to see if anyone knows what this might be. Thanks,
  2. As i found a cheap Bolex L8 (double 8mm) and want to devellop myself, i look for a tools to split in two the 16mm film. I have take a look around internet but din't find anything yet. Can somebody help me?
  3. Hi all, I'm looking foward to buy a new monitor to take with me on set. wich brand and model would you recomend. thanks for reading and comenting. J.
  4. Good Day I am going into a three-day shoot for a student film as the cinematographer, essentially being the DOP of the shoot. I would like to get some input on what the essentials would be for a cinematographer to have on set - I am talking consumables to make the shooting process easier, not any kind of gear. Here is a list that I've made so far, please feel free to add to the list if there is anything useful that you have found. Gaffer gloves - for preventing barn doors and lights from burning your hand off gaffer tape - for, well, everything. plain markers - marking gear, making notes and for focus pulling Black wrap - that magic black stuff that wraps around any light to flag off spill light Washing pegs - for putting gels on lights dust-off - an absolute necessity deodorant - if someone marked the clapper board with a permanent marker, works well to get it off. Plus it's just convenient for everyone else if you don't smell like a hobo Maglite - taking focus, finding things in the dark Lens cleaning kit screw driver set Allen keys (also known as hex keys) multitool - the one with the toothpick, you never know when it might come in handy. Please add things that you may have found to be practical and helpful to getting things done easier on shoots.
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