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Found 5 results

  1. I think I asked someone about this here but I can't find a trace of it. Basically, I'm going to have a big scene in a film involving rain at night in like a residential street. I've tried to find as much as I could about it but I figured I'd ask here and might gleam some good advice from folks who have experience with that. I plan to shoot the whole film very wide, long shots, few cuts. Which I guess will be a plus since there will be no use of any cranes, it'll be a lot of dolly work. So I don't plan to frame the action above a certain height, let's say a little above the height of a pick up truck. This means we probably won't need super high water towers. Now, what should I absolutely know or be aware of before shooting a scene like this?
  2. Hey, quick lighting question. I am shooting a music video, and the concept heavily involves a sprinkler in a park at night. The talent is supposed to “dance” with the stream of water as it circles around the grass, and eventually passes over the talent at the end. Like “Singing in the Rain” but with a sprinkler at night. We have a location with a sprinkler that puts out a lot of water, but I’m having a hard time lighting it so the stream of water shows up on camera as a solid mass. It just looked liked it was raining, but it needs to look like a wall of water moving closer and further away. It’s low budget, I don’t own any high-end lights to test ahead of time, but I plan to rent some. We have an A7S so we plan to take advantage of a full moon. Looking for advice on how you might approach this problem in general, and advice on any light(s) to rent. I’m really trying to highlight the stream as a solid, glowy, “wall” of water that the audience can clearly track. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, so I have a shoot that requires a shot at the bottom of the ocean. I wont have access to a tank but I may have access to an aquarium (a very big one lol) I can easily make it pass for ocean. however! ive never shot similar and im wondering what lighting ill need to replicate a bit of sun coming through the water in the lower angle shots. the aquarium is 11m deep. Is there a rule for falloff in water? thanks ! K
  4. I filmed some stuff out in the forest/trail near my house and put it to the song I Want You by Tom Waits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKkrzkroKAs Here's the rest of my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0f...Ii8Imsi-xetfaw enjoy.
  5. I'm shooting a night time scene with 2 characters talking inside a car. The car is parked, the windows are wet from a recent rain (but it's not raining anymore). I'm looking for tips and advices for enhancing the water drops. Here is a screen grab from tests I've shot on a 5D a couple of days ago in a studio (we're gonna shoot on location for the actual shoot, with a RED One) with the kind of lighting atmosphere I'm planning to do. No one was really in charge of the rain drops for this test, so we just splashed water on the window before shooting. My first question is about the best solution for spraying water on the windows. I was actually thinking of using a water sprayer filled with a mix of water and glycerine (like we usually use for sweat on faces). Any other idea or advices for the best mix to put in the tank ? My second question is about lighting those drops. I know that you don't actually light raindrops as they are transparent, you just need them to register an image as they act like a lens. I don't want to have a very lit background (probably a bit darker than the test shot) to keep the drops brighter than the background itself. My idea was to shine light on a large muslim sheet (or a kino 1 bank) placed low behind the car, so it doesn't affect my lighting and contrast inside the car and create a white line on the top of the drops so they exist on this dark background. I guess they will probably also register the lights I use for lighting the characters. Am I on the right track ? I'd love to also add some colour bokeh with a small fixture far away in the background. What kind of source would you use for that ? The director wants to place the car close from a (white :blink: ) house wall, I'm pushing to place it further so we have more depth in the back and we can isolate the 2 characters in the image. Any advice or comment on my ideas are more than welcome ;) Thanks
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