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Found 4 results

  1. Recently shot a project with a set of Standard Speeds on an ARRI Amira. The focal length that gave me really bad vignetting was the 32mm. The 20mm, 28mm, and 40mm didn't give me any issues. The 32mm was originally a B mount that had a converter for PL mount. Its a temporary converter. My guess is that's the culprit. Curious, has anyone here encountered this with that particular focal length? Or any issues using the original B mounts with converters? I'm hoping that if I change the mount that this problem will go away, but my fear is that its the design of the rear element. I remember renting a set a few months back and seeing a few focal lengths show a slight sign of vignetting. But this 32mm was horrible.
  2. STOLEN ITEMS - Zeiss 40mm & 85mm Standard Speeds Hi everyone, I work the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA), we are a non-profit charitable organization located in Edmonton, Alberta. We had a rental this weekend and 2 of our Zeiss Standard Speeds were stolen from the renters shoot. If anyone comes across: 40mm T2.1 S/N: 6947336 85mm T2.1 S/N: 7280603 for sale anywhere, hopefully you'll be able to contact me. You could reach me at, PH: 780-424-4368, EM: rentals@fava.ca & Katrina at production@fava.ca We have a police report and are dealing with insurance, but would love to be able to get the ones from our original set back as they were deeply beloved by our film community. If anyone has any other places I could share this that would be greatly appreciated! Attached are photos of what the lenses look like (not our exact lenses, photos grabbed from Alan Gordons website.) Note that one of them will have a lens cap that says 16mm instead of 85mm.
  3. 8 Zeiss Standard Speed Mark II lenses $42,000.00 ​Contact me at 843-554-7811 or email me at Barbara@newprovideo.com The lenses will be going in for cleaning and service (if needed prior) to shipping. I have pictures of each lens only file is too big for posting here. Zeiss Lens: 16mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 10in. Weight (lbs): 1.25 Front Dia.:80mm focus pin pulled modified for Close Focus Zeiss Lens: 24mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 1ft. 2in. Weight (lbs): 1.25 Front Dia.:80mm focus pin pulled modified for Close Focus Zeiss Lens: 32mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 2ft. Weight (lbs): 1 Front Dia.: 80mm focus pin pulled modified for Close Focus Zeiss Lens: 40mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 1ft. 4in. Weight (lbs): 1 Front Dia.: 80mm Zeiss Lens: 50mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 1ft. 6in. Weight (lbs): 1.25 Front Dia.:80mm Zeiss Lens: 85mm T-Stop: T2.1 Min. Focus: 3ft. Weight (lbs): 1.5 Front Dia.: 80mm Zeiss Lens: 100mm T-Stop:T2.1 Min. Focus: 3ft. 4in. Weight (lbs): 1.75 Front Dia.:80mm Zeiss Lens: 135mm T-Stop:T2.1 Min. Focus: 5ft. Weight (lbs): 2.25 Front Dia.: 80mm
  4. I'm selling a set of Zeiss Standard speeds (16mm,24mm,32mm,50mm,85mm) for $19,500. These lenses are just as sharp as super speeds and some say are cleaner and for more than half the price of super speeds. Here is a project I shot with them... They are in really nice condition and they have been serviced a few months ago. Email me at info@chrissaul.com for pictures.
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