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Found 2 results

  1. Last Summer I had the chance to work with my friend Jota on a really really really small project that was going to have a bit of narrative in it. I was absolutely delighted when Jota gave me a call and told me that he wanted me to shoot it because I had wanted to work with him on something with no client / agency since we started working together (we have only worked together on narrative commercials yet still commercials). When I first met him he had finished directing his first movie, IRA, which I thought that was extraordinary and having seen how he directs, the way he blocks actions and how he likes moving the camera to add dynamism I jumped onto the wagon and said: yeah!. The video was going to be for a dance teacher friend of him and, obviously, the budget was pretty thin (kind of around 4K if I remember correctly). They had the money to pay for the location, we made a deal with a camera rental place and a lighting rental place in Madrid that I'm friends with and we shot for one day. We shot on the Sony Venice at various ASA (from 2500 to 10000) with a couple of Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses, and we had a lot of fun! My lighting package was: 2 mirrors, 1 china ball and 1 x 2.5K. Colour grading was done in El Colorado with my usual colour grader Noemi Lallave, who did an amazing job with the little time that she had available for us. And here it is! Expulsive Thanks for watching it and hopefully you like it! 🙂
  2. Buy New FULL FRAME Zeiss Supreme PL Mount lenses from FJS International and save thousands of dollars! 25,29,35,50,85,100 Imperial and Metric - Price is USD$ 106,000 with free delivery in USA and Canada 25,29,35,50,65,85,100 Imperial and Metric - Price is USD$ 123,000 with free delivery in USA and Canada
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