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  1. Hello all, The Aaton Penelope we have available has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows and has spawned so much interest. The price has now been lowered to $69,000 with a 3 month warranty on labor and parts (where available). The camera is in good working condition in Europe and has been well maintained by former Aaton techs. Here is a link to the posting on our site: https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/aaton-penelope-35mm-camera-package-extremely-rare-2-perf-3-perf/
  2. Looking for a used or new Tango head asap. Thanks!
  3. Hi Arturo, We have one: https://fjsinternational.com/?s=arricam fred@fjsinternational.com
  4. Hello Leonard, We have a 2/3 perf Aaton Penelope available: https://fjsinternational.com/?s=penelope If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks! Fred
  5. COOKE ANAMORPHIC SET OF 4:32 50 75 & 100MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-anamorphic-set-of-432-50-75-100mm/ COOKE S4i MINI SET OF 8:18 25 32 40 50 75 100 135MM - ALL LENSES COME WITH COATED AND UN COATED FRONT ELEMENTS - USED – METRIC https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-s4i-mini-set-of-818-25-32-40-50-75-100-135mm-all-lenses-come-with-coated-and-un-coated-front-elements-used-metric/ MASTER PRIME SINGLE 100MM – USED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-single-100mm-used/ MASTER PRIME SINGLE 65MM – USED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-single-65mm-used/ MASTER PRIME SINGLE 32MM – USED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-single-32mm-used/ MASTER PRIME SINGLE 27MM – USED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-single-27mm-used/ MASTER PRIME SINGLE 14MM – USED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-single-14mm-used/ P+S TECHNIK TECHNOVISION ANAMORPHIC 1.5X SET OF 7:40,50,75,100,135,150,200MM NEW https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/ps-technik-technovision-anamorphic-1-5x-set-of-7405075100135150200mm-new/ P+S TECHNIK 35-70 CINEMASCOPE 1.5x ANAMORPHIC ZOOM T3.2 https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/ps-technik-35-70-cinemascope-1-5x-anamorphic-zoom-t3-2/ COOKE SPEED PANCHRO S2/S3 SERIES SET OF 7:18,25,32,40,50,75,100MM REHOUSED BY P+S TECHNIK https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-speed-panchro-s2-s3-series-set-of-7182532405075100mm-rehoused-by-ps-technik/ CANON K35MM ZOOM 25-120MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/canon-k35mm-zoom-25-120mm/ CANON FD 24MM F/1.4 Lens https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/canon-fd-24mm-f-1-4-lens/ ZERO OPTIK 35MM CANON F1.5 AND 50MM CANON F0.95 DREAM LENS MINT – SUPER RARE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/zero-optik-35mm-canon-f1-5-and-50mm-canon-f0-95-dream-lens-mint-super-rare/ ZEISS SUPER SPEED MK2 SET OF 5 + 135MM T2.1 https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/zeiss-super-speed-mk2-set-of-61825355085135mm/ ZEISS SUPER SPEED MK2 SET OF 5:18,25,35,50,85MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/zeiss-super-speed-mk2-set-of-51825355085mm/ ALEXA LF CAMERA PACKAGE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/alexa-lf-camera-package/ ARRI S16MM SR3 ADVANCED CAMERA PACKAGE WITH ZOOM LENS (ZEISS 11-110) AND TELEPHOTO (CANON 300) https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/arri-s16mm-sr3-advance-camera-package-with-zoom-lens-zeiss-11-110-and-telephoto-canon-300/ LEICA SUMMICRON C SET OF 7:18,21,25,35,50,75,100mm https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/leica-summicron-c-set-of-7182125355075100mm/ CANON CN10 25-250 Zoom With Servo https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/canon-cn10-25-250-zoom-with-servo/ ALEXA MINI LF PACKAGE WITH CODEX AND ONLY 10 HOURS - LIKE NEW! https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/alexa-mini-lf-package-with-codex-and-only-10-hours-like-new/ AATON XTR PROD FILM CAMERA PACKAGE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/aaton-xtr-prod-film-camera-package/ PHANTOM FLEX 4K https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/phantom-flex-4k/ MASTER PRIMES SET OF 6: 16 25 35 50 75 100 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-prime-set-of-6-16-25-35-50-75-100-includes-jason-case/ COOKE PANCHRO/I CLASSIC SET OF 6:18 25 32 50 75 135 https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-panchro-i-classic-set-of-618-25-32-50-75-100/ CANON ZOOM 17-120 LENS WITH SERVO https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/17-120-canon-zoom-lens-with-servo/ ALEXA MINI CAMERA PACKAGE WITH 4:3 LICENSE AND HIGH SPEED https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/alexa-mini-camera-package-with-43-license-and-high-speed/ COOKE ANAMORPHIC SF SET OF 3: 32,50,100 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-anamorphic-sf-set-of-3-3250100-mm/ KOWA ANAMORPHIC SET OF 4: 40 50 75 100 (P+S TECHNIK REHOUSING) METRIC https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/kowa-anamorphic-set-of-4-40-50-75-100-ps-technik-rehousing-metric/ HAWK V LITE ANAMORPHIC SET OF 3: 35,45,110 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/hawk-v-lite-anamorphic-set-of-3-3545110-mm/ ZEISS SINGLE 135 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/zeiss-single-135-mm/ ZEISS CONTAX FULL FRAME SUPER SPEED SET OF 11 REHOUSED BY GL OPTICS https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/zeiss-contax-full-frame-rehoused-by-gl-optics-set-of-11/ CANON FD TLS SET OF 9:20,24,28,35,45,55,85,100,135 MM Imperial https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/canon-fd-tls-set-of-920242835455585100135-mm-imperial/ INFINITY K2 LONG DISTANCE MICROSCOPE - PL MOUNT https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/infinity-k2-long-distance-microscope-pl-mount/ COOKE ANAMORPHIC SET OF 4:32,50,75,100 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-anamorphic-set-of-4325075100-mm/ 50 AND 75MM LOMO ROUNDFRONT PL MOUNT ANAMORPHIC LENSES https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/50-and-75mm-lomo-roundfront-pl-mount-anamorphic-lenses/ ARRI ALEXA SXT PLUS DIGITAL CAMERA PACKAGE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/arri-alexa-sxt-plus-digital-camera-package/ COOKE CLASSIC I PANCHROS SET OF 5 LENSES https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-classic-i-panchros-set-of-5-lenses/ CANON S16MM 8-64 ZOOM AND ZEISS S116 MK3 SUPER SPEED SET OF 4:9.5,12,16,25 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/canon-s16mm-8-64-zoom-and-zeiss-s116-mk3-super-speed-set-of-49-5121625-mm/ ARRI SR CAMERA WITH PL MOUNT https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/arri-sr-camera-with-pl-mount/ ALEXA MINI CAMERA PACKAGE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/alexa-mini-camera-package/ COOKE S4I SET OF 10 LENSES: 16,21,27,32,40,50,65,75,100,135 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/cooke-s4i-set-of-10-lenses-1621273240506575100135-mm/ O’Connor 2575D TRIPOD-HEAD COMPLETE PACKAGE https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/oconnor-2575d-tripod-head-complete-package/ ALEXA PLUS 4:3 https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/alexa-plus-43/ ARRI ARRICAM LT https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/arri-arricam-lt/ ARRI ALEXA MINI LF https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/arri-alexa-mini-lf/ MASTER PRIMES LARGE SET OF 12: 14,16,18,21,25,32,40,50,65,75,100,135 MM https://fjsinternational.com/cameras/master-primes-large-set-of-12-14161821253240506575100135-mm/ WHAT WE NEED Petzval TLS lenses Canon K35 sets !!! Cooke S4 Singles: 32,50, and 75mm Summicron-C Single: 135mm Cooke S4i sets with metric markings Alexa Mini LF Camera Package Elite Single 24.5 mm Anamorphic Lens Aaton 35 III Film Camera 14MM S35 Illumina Lens Mint Set of 5 Zeiss B Speeds Canon 17-120 MM Zoom with Servo Canon 25-250 MM Zoom with Servo Arri 416 cameras and mags Arri 416 mags only Cooke S4 sets of 5 or 6 Canon super 16mm 6.6-66 zoom Fujinon 19-90 V2 Zoom lenses Arri Alexa Mini packages Hawk C sets Arricam LT Shoulder set Arricam LT 2X power Boxes Arricam LT camera packages Arri Alexa Mini packages Canon FD sets Kowa Cine Prominar sets Phantom Flex 4K Camera Packages T Rex Package Angenieux EZ Zoom Kits O’Connor 2575D heads and packages O’Connor 2560 heads and packages Summicron C Singles 21 & 75 mm Master Prime singles Cooke Full Frame Anamorphic sets Cooke Anamorphic Single 135mm Master Anamorphic singles: 28mm and 135mm 100mm Master Macro lens Canon 8-64mm S16 Zoom lens AATON 35III Package AATON XTR PROD Camera ARRI 235 3/4 PERF Camera Packages ARRICAM LT Steadicam mags HAWK V LITE sets Zeiss ULTRA 16MM Sets Anamorphic High Speed lens sets
  6. Hello Marco, Is this package still available? If so, what is price for entire pakcage? Thanks! Fred
  7. Hi Bernardo, Is this lens still availabnle? Thanks! Please reply to fred@fjsinternational.com
  8. For immediate sale: 40mm Leica Summicron-C lens in mint condition. Imperial, PL mount. Ships from Florida USA. Price: USD$ 9,975. Free shipping worldwide!
  9. Hi Lee, Please send photos of all 3 cameras and list of all included and prices. to: fred@fjsinternational.com Many thanks! Fred
  10. We are looking for an Aaton 35iii camera package.
  11. We sold the 416 package...and yes, it was expensive.
  12. Hi Jack, We have these 2 zooms. Both located with one owner in UK. They can be separated.
  13. Hello Patricia, We have the Canon 8-64 (and Canon 11-165). Both are in Europe. We can sell separately. https://fjsinternational.com/2020/09/25/canon-8-64-11-165-s16mm-used/ Please let me know if interested. Thanks
  14. Hi Norman, We have this package:https://fjsinternational.com/2020/06/30/arri-416-package-used/ We also have a new 416 Plus with very few aks. https://fjsinternational.com/2020/06/20/arri-416-16mm-camera-package-with-new-body/
  15. Hello John, We have two Arri 435es 4perf camera packages. Price is USD$ 9,850 with free shipping.
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