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  1. Hi Martin, We have an excellent Arri SR3 package for sale. $12,000 You can see the camera details on our site: fjsinternational.com/cameras.html We have 3 mint Cooke Super 16mm lenses as well.
  2. We have for sale a set of 6 Cooke S7i lenses: 25,32,40,50,75,100mm, Both imperial and metric (dual scales). Price is 125,000 Euros. Photos can be see on our website: fjsinternational.com/primes.html
  3. We have for sale an Alexa Mini package: ARRI ALEXA Mini with Arri Raw, Open Gate and 4:3 licenses1x Arri Alexa Body + Centre Handle1x V-Mount Battery Plate1x Alexa Ethernet cable KC 153-S1x Electronic viewfinder + Bracket + 1 foot cable1x ARRI Bridge Plate Adapter for 15mm rods3 x 128Gb C-fast 1x C-fast Reader and Cable1x DC Power Adapter + Cable1x Audio Cable 1226 Hours sn 25379 Price: USD$ 37,500 + shipping from Florida
  4. We will beat any advertised price for New Zeiss Supreme lenses...in USD Dollars or Euros or British Pounds Sterling! And,....we have stock on 6 lens sets and some 7 lens sets! Don't wait for the flood to start.
  5. FJS International is brokering a sale of a large inventory from a European rental company. You can buy items individually. See complete list here: https://fjsinternational.com/fjsaprilinventorysale.html
  6. We are now taking deposits for the new Alexa Mini LF (in Euros). Deposit is 10% Body only is 49.440 Euros. Complete price list is here: https://fjsinternational.com/minlfpricing.pdf
  7. This camera was offered to FJS International by a company in the UK. The owner contacted me to tell me that the cameras was his and is not for sale.
  8. We have a near mint Arri416 Plus package for sale. We will be doing a mass mailing soon with this camera and many others, including 32 Alexa Minis! You can sell all on our website: fjsinternational.com/cameras.html The Arri 416 is loaded. Price is 34,000 Euros with free economy shipping!
  9. Hi Ignacio, We have a mint LT. Price is USD$ 75K or best offer. 3 and 4 perf with all the bells and whistles. You can see complete photo set and specs on our website: fjsinternational.com/cameras.html We also have a Penelope..but it has been bruised on one corner and only mag (case with 2 other mags lost in shipment). We can send to Holland Aaton expert for check up and we can make a good price after. .
  10. The price for the XTR Plus package is same as the SR3 Advanced package....USD$ 12,000 + shipping
  11. Hi Aleksander, We have both. We have an SR3 Advanced package which includes:2 x 400ft magazines, NTSC Integrated Video System, battery holder for USD$ 12,000. We have Aaton XTR Plus package includes: 2 x mags, short and extension eye piece. I don't yet have a price but hope to on Tuesday, Please send your email address to me so I can send photos and the price for the XTR Plus when I get it. Since we have an office in Europe (Bratislava) besides our main office in Hollywood,Florida we can ship to Slovakia and you can get it from there or we can ship it to you from there. If you have a VAT account you can save on the taxes,
  12. Buy New FULL FRAME Zeiss Supreme PL Mount lenses from FJS International and save thousands of dollars! 25,29,35,50,85,100 Imperial and Metric - Price is USD$ 106,000 with free delivery in USA and Canada 25,29,35,50,65,85,100 Imperial and Metric - Price is USD$ 123,000 with free delivery in USA and Canada
  13. Hi David, Sorry for the late reply. Did not see your follow up. Yes, we still have the camera.
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