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Found 10 results

  1. LOMO OKS (OKC1-50-1) prime cine lens 50 mm f\2, OCT-19 mount for Russian professional movie camera Konvas, Kinor, can be used on digital cameras with adapters have follow focus metal ring 0.8 mm. Excellent++ working condition, lens clean and clear, no fungus, no scratches, no durst and oil inside, aperture and focus is smooch. F= 50 mm T2.2 OCT-19 mount, S\N: 770916 Made in USSR in 1977 Included lens with focus Arri standard ring 0.8, rear and front lens cap. The price: 550 usd+ shipping email: schubert@ngs.ru or ebay price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164377511043?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Worldwide shipping.
  2. Selling a film directors lens/camera collection. If pictures are not listed, please inquire per e-mail/message. All lenses are under market value and in working condition. Location is Berlin, Germany. Worldwide shipping possible. Lomo OKS 1-50-1 f:2,0 50mm (OCT-18 to Arri PL) - Pictures - 200,00€ Lomo OKS 1-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (OCT-18 to Arri PL) - Pictures - 150,00€ NPO Ekran/Lomo OKS 15-35-1 Superspeed 35mm (reduced price due to minor fungus, can be cleaned on request) - 1500,00€ Lomo OKS 8-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (OCT-19) - 200,00€ omo OKS 8-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (No Mount) - 200,00€ Lomo OKS 1-50-6 f:2,0 50mm (OCT-19) - 500,00€ Lomo OKS 1-75-1 f:2,0 (OCT-19) - 300,00€ Lomo OKS 9-500-1 500mm (OCT-19) - 800,00€ Rolleiflex 6006 (lenses bellow) - Pictures - 300,00€ Reolleiflex SLX with Plannar 2,8 80mm (can buy with different lens/without) - Pictures 400,00€ Rollei HFT Distagon lens 4,0 50mm - Pictures 100,00€ Rollei HFT Sonnar 4,0 50mm - Pictures 100,00€ Pentacon 4/300 300mm - 100,00€ Feel free to ask questions. E-Mail: askaryanohan@gmail.com
  3. LOMO OKC prime cine lens, F=150 mm f2.8, OCT-19 mount FOR SALE Professional cine prime lens for Russian 35 mm movie camera Kinor 35N, cover Super 35 sensor 6K, excellent condition. Lens clean end clear, no fungus, no scratches, no oil spots, no durst inside. Mechanic focus ans aperture is smooth. Model: LOMO OKC1-150-1, F=150 mm T=3.2 Made in USSR, 1989 The price: 650 USD+ shipping. e-mail: schubert@ngs.ru Worldwide shipping.
  4. LOMO OKC prime cine lens, F=150 mm f2.8, OCT-19 mount FOR SALE Professional cine prime lens for Russian 35 mm movie camera Kinor 35N, cover Super 35 sensor 6K, excellent condition. Lens clean end clear, no fungus, no scratches, no oil spots, no durst inside. Mechanic focus ans aperture is smooth. Model: LOMO OKS1-150-1, F=150 mm T=3.2 Made in USSR, 1989 The price: 600 USD+ shipping. e-mail: schubert@ngs.ru https://www.ebay.com/itm/162813172343?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Worldwide shipping.
  5. LOMO OKC lens set for sale, included primes: 18,22,28,35,50,75, 135 mm, OCT-18 mount for Konvas 35 mm Russian movie camera. Cover S35, 4K sensor. Excellent condition++, lens clean and clear, mechanics is smooth. Lens made in USSR, 1983-1990, good completed for one set. lens 18mm f3.1, okc5-18-1, s/n 850141 lens 22 mm f2.3, okc3-22-1, s/n 830112 lens 28 mm f2.2, okc7-28-1, s/n 890249 lens 35 mm f2.2, okc11-35-1, s/n 900219 lens 50 mm f2.2, okc1-50-6, s/n 900278 lens 75 mm f2.3, okc6-75-1, s/n 900101 lens 135 mm f3.7, JUPITER-37A, s/n 813253 (very RARE) all lenses in EX++, 135 mm lens have small spots on the front glass, no effect to image quallity) The price: $1500+ shipping. email: schubert@ngs.ru
  6. LOMO OKC 35 mm f2 special edition, Pl mount, AMAZING image For Sale: AMAZING lens, soft focus for bokeh image of the ring. Special limited edition LOMO lenses OKC to shoot soft, wonderful, magical images. This is a common lens OKS11-35-1, inside a special hole in the optical unit, which gives an amazing effect bokeh and flare around light objects. On the lens installed Pl mount and Arri focus ring. The course focus and aperture smooth. Status of the lens is excellent, there are defects in the rear lens multicoating, it does not affect the image quality. The front glass is clean. Made in USSR, S/N: 900277 Price $ 1,500 + shipping. See examples of still images and video with this lens.
  7. Recently acquired a very interesting lens will probably never seen. From the mind - is the standard OKC LOMO camera lens from Russian Konvas camera with OCT-18 mount. Focal length- 28 mm, aperture of- 1: 2. For 35 mm cinema fame or APC-C sensor cover. But the most interesting - on one of the glass in the center of the hole is made through a lens. Done very carefully, so it's a factory product. And most importantly, this lens gives a very interesting Image- very soft, especially in the area of the backlight, but also has the sharpness. In this case, bokeh is in the form of rings, just amazing! When injected into the frame bright source light- interesting halos formed in the shape of a circle, which gives a fabulous effect. In any case, this lens is very interesting, amazing, like a monocle, and at the same time has a good image. Very soft focus for portraits and connoisseurs of retro style. For tests i use Panasonic GH2 camera and OCT-18 adapter.
  8. I found an amazing lens LOMO OKC 35mm F2 with PL mount, perfect for special, amazing pictures. It has a central hole in one of the glass gives hallowed halos around objects and boke in the shape of circle. In the movie version with a Pl mount and ARRI focus ring gear. Perfect for the Christmas lights. It is also a soft focus lens of, gives an amazing picture. Sample images from this lens:
  9. LOMO fast PRIME lens 100 mm f2 OCT-19 mount, EX+ (OKC1-100-1), Made in USSR 1977 Lens clean and clear, excellent condition, price $700+ shipping
  10. LOMO OKS lens 22 mm 1:2 (OKC3-22-1) OCT-19 mount, KINOR style! Made in USSR 1989. Exellent condition: lens clean and clear, "as new". Price: 600 USD + shipping in you country.
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