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Found 12 results

  1. Up for sale is the Eclair NPR Super 16mm camera package in great condition. Package comes with these: - Camera converted to Super 16, with a PL Mount & "C" Mount; ground glass re-centered for S16. - Lens converted from its "CA" Mount to PL Mount. - Battery, cable and charger replaced and tested to be fully functional. Items also included: - Angenieux 9.5 / 95mm... 1:2.2 lens PL Mount + sun visor and directional rod. - Protective cover and soundproofing / blimp... for camera. - 2 120meters magazines. - Perfectone motor. - 1 Flight case. - Facsimile of the original instructions for use. The Price is 2550 GBP. Items location is the UK. Camera and lens conversion fully done by Les Bosher; battery, cable and charger with modern components also replaced and tested by him. Camera recently serviced (20th January, 2019), and operation checked by the same camera engineer, it's all ready to shoot. No issues. Images below shows the items that come with the package. Attached Images:
  2. For sale: Sony F35 package complete package - $6400 - Sony F35 body (low hours: 1130) - Custom Nikon F mount (use any Nikon F lens that has manual aperture) - Sony interface box (for 12 bit 4444 output) - Gold mount battery plate - Panavision top handle - Rokinon 50mm T1.5 Nikon lens - Camtree 19mm / 15mm sliding baseplate - Set of 15mm rods - Odyssey 7Q 12-bit Recorder - Record 12-bit 4444 and 50p! - Cine Cam 7Q adjustable Arm - (2) 512gb Convergent Design SSD's (for Odyssey 7Q) - (2) short BNC cables - (2) long BNC cables - D-tap power cable for 7Q - (1) SSD to USB3 reader - Sleeve for 7Q - Sun shade for 7Q - (2) 130wh Rolux gold mount batteries (less than 6 months old) - Rolux dual gold mount charger - 4 pin cable for AC to camera Everything works perfectly. There are of course some dings and scratches, but nothing that interferes with the performance. Connect a gold mount battery (or use the Rolux dual charger to plug directly into the interface box from a wall outlet), hook up the BNC cables to the Odyssey 7Q, mount the lens, and you're ready to start filming in 12 bit 4444 XQ with the most organic looking cine cameras I've ever used, especially under the $10,000 mark. The F35 has a massive 5.7K CCD sensor that outputs some of the sharpest and smoothest 1080p (up to 50fps) footage out there. So sharp in-fact that it could be upscaled to 4K. This camera is lovely and was the choice of many DPs for film and tv. Free shipping in the US! Selling from Salt Lake City, UT. If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures, please feel free to ask. Colin Worley colingworley@gmail.com
  3. Looking for an Arri Amira package in a decent shape and with reasonable hours! (Will buy off your extras too!) Shoot me an e-mail if you got one: boson.wang3@gmail.com
  4. Hello all, I'm in the market for a super 16mm camera package. I've seen an SR3 highspeed at Visual Products but it is slightly over my budget (it's 8500$) Interested in seeing your super 16 cameras if you have one! Thanks -William
  5. Selling a RED SCARLET MX Package. This kit includes everything you would need to get shooting with the RED! Serious Inquiries only Asking 9,500 USD! email me at jeanlucoicle@gmail.com Kit includes: RED SCARLET MX Brain (EF Mount) DSMC RED Touch 5" LCD 4 x Redvolt battery 2 x Redvolt charger 2 x 64gb Redmag DSMC Side Handle RED DSMC Bolt Kit Smallrig Top Plate Smallrig Cheeseplate Wooden Camera Riser Smallrig 15mm Rod Adapter 2 x Smallrig Carbon Fiber 15mm rods Smallrig Top Handle (rubber grip) Olympus Stereo Mic Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate RED LCD/EVF CABLE (RIGHT-TO-RIGHT) 12inch RED LCD/EVF CABLE (RIGHT-TO-RIGHT) 18inch Wooden Camera A-Box AC Adapter Pelican Case Located in Montreal. Would ship to US and Canada.
  6. Hey guys, I have a few more I'm tossing up for sale this week: -- 2060HD (with case) + Standards & Babies. I'll throw in adapters and a euro ball hi-hat too. Sticks are Mitchell but you can grab a Matthews or Backstage bowl adapter if you want to go euro/150mm. The head is ready to rock for either Mitchell or Euro ball. *** $7000 and its all yours. -- MB20II Mattebox One more up for grabs. We bumped to 6x6's, so this box has to go as well unfortunately. Great 3 Stage ready to go. Three 4x5.65 trays, Flags (Top and Sides), Mattes, Bellows, 114-110 Ring, 100 and 80mm plus 19mm Rod Adapter *** First $2950 takes it.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm an aspiring cinematographer and I am wondering how best to spend my money to invest in this field. At first, I was dead sent on buying on new camera (looking at the A7s II or the Ursa Mini); however, I have now begun to consider investing in lighting equipment, and opting to rent a camera whenever the need arises. Basically I'm torn: For $3,000 I could buy just a camera body, or I could get an Arri lighting package (x2 150w, 300w, 650w, 1k) and two 4' 2-bank kino lights w/ ballasts off of Ebay. My questions are: Can anyone provide insight into what would be the best and most beneficial course of action? I also have another question based off of the Kino lights: is the output of a 4' 2-bank Kino the same as the output of a 2' 4-bank Kino? What are the benefits to either or? Lastly, is there a better investment I could make that isn't a camera or lighting equipment? Thanks again, and any insight will be greatly appreciated! -Sam
  8. Selling both a RED ONE (m) and a RED MX with operational accessories. RED ONE (m) with CF Module and PL Mount - $3200 RED MX with CF Module and PL Mount - $4200 Can sell as a Package with the following. RED Power Pack (2 RED Brick Batteries and Charger) Base Production Pack (Top Mounts, Rails, and Top Handle) RED 5" LCD with Cable and 9" Arm V-Lock Battery Mount ET Shockmount 320GB RED Raid Drive Pelican Case RED ONE (m) Package - $5000 RED MX as Package - $6000 Also for sale Libec RSP-850D(s) Pedestal system - $4000 I will send pics to those interested. Paypal or any authorizing payments accepted Buyer pays shipping. Email - empathi.RED@gmail.com Phone - 312-877-7362
  9. Hello everyone, selling an Aaton XTRplus Package in great, fully functional condition (see item description below) including ... … - Aaton XTRplus Body | PL Mount, S16, Ser. # 1776 - Standard Viewfinder - Extension Viewfinder - (3x) 400' magazines | coded as A, B and C - Wooden Hand Grip with Run-/Stop-Trigger - Aaton Mattebox - (3x) Batteries | all recently re-celled - Charger | able to charge 3 batteries simultaneously, with discharge function - Short & Long Rods - XLR 4-Pin and other cables - Leather Barney - Manual - Metal Flight Case - Receipt of most recent service - Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 10-100 2.8 | Arri B Mount - 3000 feet of Fuji Stock (250D, 160T, 250T, 400T and 500T) … Condition of the camera: The camera has been serviced 1,5 months ago (receipt included) and fully tested. It runs absolutely smooth and it's a pure joy working with it. It has some optical signs of wear (particularly on the hand-grip), but nothing that would negatively affect the perfect operation. Again, this camera works just like new. Condition of the magazines: All three magazines have been tested and run absolutely flawlessly. Condition of the batteries: All three batteries have been re-celled recently and should last between 1 and 2 hours. Condition of the lens: The lens is clean; free of scratches and dust. The gears run smoothly and this lens delivers beautiful sharp images when combined with the Aaton XTRplus, as long as you're ok with standard 16mm (S16 conversion possible). Condition of the 300 feet film stock: Re-cans. Expired, but properly cold stored. Professional use and professionally re-canned by Film Lab North. … Price: 5,000€ or best offer. Shipping within Europe. Images upon request. Thanks, Alex
  10. I am selling my Arriflex 435 ES camera. This camera is in great condition and runs perfectly! It was well maintained and recently serviced. The Arriflex 435 ES is a fantastic MOS film camera that has been trusted and used worldwide for years. The 435 is amazing for slow-motion, running crystal sync up to 150 fps! It's a lightweight camera, yet it's incredibly sturdy. The ES stands for electronic shutter meaning that the 435 ES can adjust its shutter electronically, which is great for speed ramping, something this camera does well. The Arriflex 435 ES will serve you well for years to come. The camera is still highly in use today, with many directors and cinematographers choosing to shoot on it due to its high-speed capabilities, and overall compact lightweight design. The package includes: Arri Arriflex 435 ES Camera Integrated Video Assist (IVS) (3) 400' Magazines Short Viewfinder Long Viewfinder Extension Heated Eyecup Heater Cable RCU-1 Remote Control Unit RCU Long Cable WL-3 Work Light 24v Plug-In Module Carrying handle Right Hand Grip w/Trigger Large Flight Case Small Flight Case Film is a beautiful medium, and will be used to capture gorgeous cinematic images for a long time to come. I am asking $8,500 but I am open and willing to negotiate a lower price, so make me an offer! Thanks! I am also selling an Arriflex SR3 Advanced package for $3,500 OBO. Includes 3 mags, 2 batteries, mattebox, rods, etc. Hit me up if you're interested!
  11. Hello all, I'm new to the forum as I recently purchased a Sony F5 package, a decision made for our production of an upcoming indie film. After getting hands on this product I am blown away. What a beautiful image. In looking at lens options on a budget I'm drawn to the Angenieux 25-250 T3.9 from the mid 70's (no135 and up). Does anyone have experience using this lens on a digital cinema camera at 4K or above? I want to say "if it was good enough for Kubrick it is good enough for me." I understand the exterior zooms in Barry Lyndon were all shot on this lens. Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this forum. PS: This is not my setup in the pic
  12. I have my Arriflex 35mm camera package up for sale. I have arranged it to be a film maker's production kit, so it comes with everything you need to get you going. Here is an excerpt from the ebay ad I have up. This is an ARRI 2C camera (rods, matte box, not included) with a flat-base crystal-sync variable speed motor, 50mm Schneider Xenon Lens, Vintage wooden Tripod & Arri 2c Friction Head and LOW RESERVE. Camera comes with Black and White video tap, for you, for your director and/or your actors too. With this kit you can make money with the satisfaction & quality that digital just can't offer you. This motor can speed at 8 fps, 12 fps, 16 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps and 32 fps. It shoots rock steady 24 fps. It can run in either crystal-sync mode or variable mode. It can also run in reverse mode with the flick of a switch. This camera is light tight, I just recently ran a 400ft test roll successfully. No streaks, No light leaks. Camera body with motor weighs less than 8 pounds. This camera package includes: - full 4-perf gate with a 1.37:1 ground glass and a fixed 180 degree shutter. - tilting viewfinder with closeable diopter. - color video tap with AC adapter. - a new 12v Panasonic battery with 4-pin XLR cable - battery charger for 12v camera battery. - battery holder with shoulder strap and belt - Lee Utterbach 400ft Ball Bearing High Speed Magazine - Three Dust Caps for the lens ports and Lens caps for Schneider Xenon All you need is film and you’re ready to roll!! To help out any prospective filmmakers I'll even throw in a few cans of recanned 35mm which I’ve never opened to get you started. 200ft x Kodak 500t 5219 Indoor stock 190ft x Fuji 250D 8563 Outdoor stock 200ft x Fuji 500T 8547 Indoor stock Check out the auction for more pictures and details here: http://www.ebay.com/...=item25791cf94f I'd be willing to offer a special deal for members of the site, $2,500 for the whole kit. Considering The lens alone is worth over $500+ it really works out to be a sweet deal. Let me know if you're interested, Thanks! Peter C.
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