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  1. amateur (and slightly off-topic) question: how does the 50D compare to the 250D in terms of grain? I haven't been able to find any direct comparisons with regard to grain structure. Just wondering how much grainier 250D is. Shot some rolls of 250D outside in broad daylight with a ND9 filter, and wondering, since this project is ongoing, if I should keep going or switch to 50D - would the difference be noticeable?
  2. I'm working on a long-term "conceptual art" film that is to be shot in several sequences over the span of 6 months in Los Angeles. I'm not really able to schedule the various shoots within a few successive days since the film is an ongoing process, with various non-actors, adding new people, new setups as the film progresses. My budget unfortunately isn't big enough to rent a 35mm over and over again. Therefore, I am looking for an LA-based DP who owns his own 35mm camera and whom I could hire for the entire project, scheduling these small, one-day shoots to fit his schedule. Really curious to see if somebody's interested or knows someone who might. Happy to share more details about the project if someone's interested. cheers.
  3. Looking to purchase empty cans for 800ft and 1200ft 16mm film. Seems difficult to get, I'd appreciate any leads or offers!
  4. Hi everyone, looking for advice on lenses that would have a similar look and feel to those of Optar Illumina S16 lenses. It's an ongoing project (shot over several years) and have been shooting on Optars for most of it, but I can't seem to find them in the Los Angeles area anymore. Because of that, I'm looking for alternatives. Preferably in the range of 8mm to 12mm. Thanks for your help! :)
  5. For an upcoming project I'd like to do the following two conversions to a super8 camera: - 1) rotate the image 90° so I'll be shooting a vertical image in fact. Obviously, the easiest way would be to attach a handle and just hold the camera at a 90° angle. Just wondering if that could negatively influence the movement/advancement of the film? - 2) since the final output will be in 2.35, I'm wondering what the best way would be to correctly frame for that aspect ratio? Any easy way to attach a mask? Thanks for your time and help, it's much appreciated (and needed) ;)
  6. Looking to purchase a Bolex EBM / EL or a Canon Scoopic. Must be in fully functional condition, preferably tested and in good overall shape. Let me know if you have one for sale or know of any. Thanks, Alex
  7. Hey everyone, I've done some research already of course, but just wanted to gather some first hand experiences and recommendations. Looking to scan a few 16mm rolls, either HD or 2K (depending on the price differences). What matters most to me ... - quality ... not sure what scanner I should be looking out for (or avoiding) - price ... obviously, since it's mostly smaller indie/art projects - turnaround time ... not important at all, not in hurry really So, just curious if you can recommend a specific lab or if you have had good/bad experiences with some. I'm located in Brussels, so anywhere in London, Paris, Belgium and Berlin works easily. Thanks for your help, Alex
  8. Looking to purchase a Moviecam SL in good, fully working condition. Please send a few pictures along with the asking price. best, Alex
  9. I'm looking for an Aaton XTR 1.33 Ground Glass. Willing to purchase or exchange it against my 2.35 GG. Any leads are much appreciated!
  10. sweet, thanks Tyler!! P.S. let me know once you get a chance to measure the dimensions of the mag. I'd happily name my setup after you ;p
  11. Now this might seem strange, but in order to have the smallest Aaton XTR body possible for travel I'm thinking about unmounting the lengthy video tap bar. But I assume that would leave me with a hole in the body that I would somehow need to cover? I currently don't have access to my XTR body (I'm abroad) and just came up with this thought. Anyone able to chime in on this? Also, I don't really need the video tap atm, therefore unmounting it would not be a big loss. thanks!
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