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  1. Hi everyone, I recently had a Spirit 2K Telecine done of 400ft of S16mm. Oddly enough, about a quarter of the image is quite unsharp to the degree that there‘s a noticeable difference between a person standing in said area, and another person who‘s not. Both people are standing along the same plane, eg. they both should be sharp. I‘m wondering what might have caused said unsharpness. The film maybe not being completely flat while being scanned? The camera not pulling the film through evenly? We shot on an Aaton XTR, and I think we would have noticed if the film wasn‘t going through smoothly. The lens possibly being dirty/smeared on? I‘ll upload a still shortly, and obviously will also double-check with the lab. Just thought maybe some of you have an idea/experiences. thanks for your help!
  2. Our AC/loader had to drop out due to illness, so we‘re looking for a loader for Aaton 35-III magazines. Shooting tomorrow (Sunday, 16) in Los Angeles. One day shoot, from about 10am to 6pm. Pay is negotiable, just shoot us your rate. Thanks!
  3. I'm wondering if the rehoused Leica R or Nikon lenses would fit a 35mm reflex camera such as the Aaton 35-III or Penelope? Obviously they are PL so they fit the mount, but would their protrude too much, potentially touching the mirror? Thanks for your help, Alex
  4. Looking to mount my Aaton XTR at an 90° angle, and was wondering if anybody knew of a L-bracket (or other solutions, preferable for rent in the LA area) to do so. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Poor you. I hope crying like a baby helps you getting jobs. And you don‘t seem to understand that this project requires a camerawomen. Not sure what’s so difficult to grasp.
  6. You‘re a trip, man. So one cannot even ask around for names and reels of female cinematographers without you shouting „discrimination!“? there‘s a reason I‘m looking for a camerawomen specifically. I should have included that information in my initial post. I just incorrectly assumed that you‘d be intelligent enough to consider that aspect instead of complaining from the get-go.
  7. if you wanna have a chat about gender equality/opportunities, then go open your own thread. this was posted in the jobs/reels section. what’s the point in these sub categories if one just posts whatever/wherever? I guess I wrongly assumed that people would be more helpful on here. being lectured instead really helps, thanks!
  8. thanks for hijacking my request everyone. seriously, you guys need to take it elsewhere! All I was asking for were some names of cameraWOMEN, because the project I‘m working on asks for it (for reasons I at this point no longer feel to share here except with the camerawomen themselves). So if you can think of anyone I‘d be happy for any names/links, otherwise don‘t post. Thank you.
  9. Looking for a LA-based female cinematographer comfortable shooting on 16mm. Let me know if you could think of anyone. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, looking for suggestions on where to scan S8mm film, preferably in LA or Europe. Thanks for your help!
  11. I'm selling the following Kodak Vision3 16mm films. All films are brand new, unexposed and always stored cold. (1x) - 100ft Vision3 500T (2x) - 100ft Vision3 250D (1x) - 100ft Vision3 50D - label is teared open, but like the others the film is new, unexposed and stored cold. $40/roll, price is firm. Pickup in Los Angeles, shipping within US only.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a possible solution for the following scenario: I have three subjects that I'd like to be tracked individually by three "cinema" cameras (Alexa, Red, etc.). I'm looking for a "mechanical" feel in tracking the subjects, eg. without camera operators. I have found a few automated tracking system/mounts such as Pixio (https://shop.movensee.com/en/), but they are more geared toward consumer- and action-cameras. I was wondering if there are similar systems for larger cameras? Thanks in advance, curious to hear your thoughts.
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