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  1. still available, willing to discuss the price. Images and further info can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284414164008?hash=item423867bc28:g:6uEAAOSwFEhhHEQA And to the careful readers among you: I recently purchased this camera here on this site, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I sadly need to let it go again. Haven't used it since, except for the inspection and service at AM Camera (see last photo in the ebay listing for the service report).
  2. Considering selling my Moviecam SL Mk2 3-perf/4-perf Camera Package and exploring if there's any interest. Camera has been serviced at AM Camera earlier this month. Located in Los Angeles and can potentially be shipped globally. All flight cases included. Asking $39,500. … Package includes: Moviecam SL Mk2 3-Perf Camera Body w/ NTSC tap, Speed Control Box, Universal Optics Several different 4/3 Perf ground glasses w/tool 15mm Studio Balance Plate 15mm Studio Handheld Plate Right grip w/ trigger Left grip Power Accessories/blocks, including 24v converters custom-made to run from VCLX or battery belt X4 400’ SL Handheld Mag X4 400’ SL Steadicam Mag … Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, photos upon request.
  3. Selling an Arri BP-8 Bridgeplate with 19mm rods. Fully functional with minimal signs of wear. Price: 500€ + shipping. Images: https://www.ebay.de/itm/284341575013 Shipping worldwide with DHL Express. Buyer covers custom fees/taxes. Private sale.
  4. Selling a Kern Macro Switar 75mm f1.9 C Mount lens in mint condition. No scratches, dust, fungus and haze. Minor cleaning marks. Hardly any signs of wear. Price: 750€ + shipping Images: https://www.ebay.de/itm/284191694207 Shipping worldwide with DHL Express, buyer covers custom fees/taxes. Private sale.
  5. I recently had my eyes set on a single (shooting the entire project on a single lens) TLS-rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro for a small, low-profile shoot on 35mm film. However, I noticed that the majority of films that I drew references from were shot with modern glass (mostly Arri Master and Ultra) on 35mm film cameras. Budget won't allow us to go for the top line, so I'm looking at the Sigma Cine FFs in particular. With all the fuss (for good reason) about vintage glass being used on digital cameras, what are your thoughts on modern vs. vintage glass on 35mm film cameras? I'm aware that it's comparing apples to oranges, but still curious to hear your thoughts. Main criteria, apart from image quality, is size and weight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  6. new price for all three lenses: 4500€ + shipping (internationally via DHL Express)
  7. Unfortunately I don't have the means to test/measure this myself (and I didn't find any info online), so posting here instead: I'm wondering if the protruding end of a Cooke Speed Panchro 25mm S3 (rehoused by TLS) might hit the mirror of a Moviecam SL? Since the TLS rehoused Cookes are in high demand and workhouses (and Cookes being used on 35mm cameras for ages), I can't imagine that this would be an issue.. However, I wanted to confirm this. Thanks for your time and help!
  8. a few images of the three lenses: https://www.ebay.de/itm/284298643356
  9. Selling my Bolex H16 Rex 5 "Red Dot" Version with 13x Viewfinder: https://www.ebay.de/itm/284266681268 The viewfinder is large and clear, with some light yellowing due to age. Very quiet camera (compared to earlier H16 models) due to latest spring mechanics. Camera is tested, fully functional and in mint condition with only minor signs of wear. All framerates work smoothly, film counter moves accordingly. Price: 3000€ + shipping. Willing to throw in the pelicase free of charge, but shipping will be a bit more expensive. Shipping within Europe preferred, but worldwide shipping can be arranged if buyer covers custom fees/taxes. Private sale.
  10. Unfortunately I don't. I purchased them for a project to be shot on 35mm film. But the project fell through so I never actually got to use them.
  11. Selling a set of LOMO Standard Speeds (Kinor Version) with PL mount: 18mm, 35mm and 75mm. 18mm: in excellent condition. Glass is free of scratches, fungus or haze. Blades and focusing rings move smoothly and evenly. Only few signs of wear. 35mm: in excellent condition. Glass is free of scratches, fungus or haze. Gears were recently upgraded to industry-standard 0.8mm. Minimal signs of wear. 75mm: in excellent condition. Glass is free of scratches, fungus or haze. Two small dust specs inside that don't show however. Blades and focus rings move smoothly and evenly. Normal signs of wear. Markings feel off just a bit on both ends, proper collimation would be advised. Overall a wonderful set of PL lenses to get that gorgeous Lomo look. Price: 2000€/lens or 5000€ for all three lenses. Photos (pics of the 35mm to follow shortly): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ics035s18o3M4PgM6F1PBAtay01wqkIa?usp=sharing
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