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Arturo Querzoli

Day for night in RED One

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I'm about to shoot a commercial with some angels and vampires set outside a location. My idea is to shoot day for night, as the strangeness of the result could be a good asset in this film. The plan is to shoot on a RED One and a few HMI lights. Any advices or concerns from any of you that has done it before? All the best!


Arturo Querzoli

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Normally one would use a tungsten-balanced film without the 85 correction if you wanted a blue look -- since the Red sensor is near daylight-balance, you may get cleaner results using a blue filter on the camera rather than switching the color temp setting to tungsten.


Otherwise, all the old rules about DFN still apply. Use the blue filter plus some heavy ND to allow you to shoot a wider f-stops -- too much depth of field is not a characteristic of true night-for-night work.


I'd be conservative about underexposing, it's always easier to darken things in post.


If you are planning on sky replacement, the old trick of using Polas + ND grads to darken the sky may not be a good idea if you want a brighter sky to pull keys from in post to isolate and replace it. On the other hand, if you can get the sky dark enough with Polas + ND grads, you would have less work to do in post.

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Great advice from the master;-) Thanks, David, I think that will do. I think I'll use the day sky as it is, since the awkward effect is interesting on a 'vampire world'. Cheers; Arturo

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