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MoVi rig, Epic plus Canon lenses

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Hello everyone,


I have a project shooting with the MoVi rig and Epic, one drawback is that you have to re-balance the rig everytime you switch lenses which becomes time consuming.

I'm exploring the idea of using a Canon high end zoom, such as the 24-70mm T2.8 instead of cine primes.

I was curious about people opinions on Canon glass with the Epic, it's an all exterior film and I really like the way those Canon lenses flare so I feel that could be a plus, in the other hand, this lenses might not be as sharp and creamy as S4s for instance,


Any comments or suggestion are appreciated,



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The 24-70 Mark 2 is an amazing lens and the flares look great. I wouldn;t worry about sharpeness, it's desigend for 30MP+ still imaging, far higher res requireemenets than the S4s.

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Even on some zooms with hardly any movement internally, it can affect the balance. Its worth testing for this before committing to a shoot. Mostly depends on what accessories you are adding to the unit.. LCS, wireless HD etc. As long as you don't get too close to the 12lbs limit, you might be alright.


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We use zoom lenses quite often. When attaching to our cable dolly it can often be too much of a faff to rearrange a balance mid shoot. Just make sure your balance is all zeros :)



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