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  1. Hello, I'm curious to find out if anyone has used the Codex Action Cam from Radiant Images, it has good specs from what I can tell. I m looking to shoot a POV of someone riding a horse Need good quality, ideally 4k which that camera shoots. Any suggestions or ideas for this or any other camera are greatly appreciated Thanks Francisco
  2. Hello, I'm curious to find out if anyone has used the Codex Action Cam from Radiant Images, it has good specs from what I can tell. I m looking to shoot a POV of someone riding a horse Need good quality, ideally 4k which that camera shoots. Any suggestions or ideas for this or any other camera are greatly appreciated Thanks Francisco
  3. Amazing film, highly recommended Does anyone have any info about post production Did they add digital grain, diffusion, etc Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm getting ready to shoot a corporate with the C300 and was thinking about using Canon Log to give the director more flexibility in post. I was curious about other people experiences with the C300, specially in regards to exposure using Log and using the WFM and Zebras. Anything to watch out for. I ll do a test tomorrow but any advice is appreciate it Thanks! FB
  5. Hello everyone, I have a project shooting with the MoVi rig and Epic, one drawback is that you have to re-balance the rig everytime you switch lenses which becomes time consuming. I'm exploring the idea of using a Canon high end zoom, such as the 24-70mm T2.8 instead of cine primes. I was curious about people opinions on Canon glass with the Epic, it's an all exterior film and I really like the way those Canon lenses flare so I feel that could be a plus, in the other hand, this lenses might not be as sharp and creamy as S4s for instance, Any comments or suggestion are appreciated, Thanks
  6. I found some interesting tests here, particularly in regards to day exteriors with the Alexa http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2013/10/arri-alexa-vs-canon-c500
  7. Yeah, that s what I meant David, thanks I guess that system is not as popular as I imaged.
  8. Thanks David, your advice is always appreciate it Besides the ND's, do you work with a polarizer as well? I was thinking about using the built-in ND and then adding front filtration, such as 1/4 black promist and polarizer. Does the internal ND eliminate any danger of IR contamination?
  9. Hello everyone, I 'm getting ready to shoot a project with the Alexa, all exteriors; mountains, forests, open shade, strong backlights from the sun, flares, etc. It would be mostly available light, except for some bounce to fill in the shadows when possible. I was curious about other DP's approach in terms of finding a balance between the highlight and the shadow, while protecting for well exposed faces. do people rate at 800, for the most part? Do you use the false color feature, histogram, light meter, polarizer to get a nice, blue sky. Basically, whats your approach when shooting exteriors with the Alexa. Any advice will be greatly appreciate it, Thanks Francisco
  10. Hello all, Does anyone know how they achieved those interesting multi eyelights on the film Stoker? I was thiknking it could be LEDs but not positive, Thanks
  11. Hello I was curious to find out what people's thoughts are in regards to shooting Epic on 4K HD or 5K HD for theater projection Any help is greatly appreciate it Thanks
  12. Hello everyone I'm about to embark on a small, indie feature, we are debating having 2 cameras, we feel that it might help our pace and since we are working with kids, we'll be able to make the most out of our days I was curious to find out how other DP's feel about using 2 cameras and how to make the best use of them c/u and m/s at the same time? cross coverage? what's the best way to approach 2 cameras without feeling like they are getting in each others way and disrupt the lighting approach too much I suppose sometimes there is really no way to use 2 cameras and just have to convince the director that that's the case thanks so much Francisco
  13. I saw it digitally projected at the Ark light and it looked beautiful I felt like the film got to a great start, I particularly admire Freddie's emotional breakdown scene during his time as a photographer, I think it was masterfully crafted and the economy of the shots is something to learn from. Several times it felt like PTA relied on 1 or 2 set ups to tell the story and it worked beautifully. After a while, it was hard for me to stay very interested in the story as it moved kind of slowly and it all centers around Freddie's character and his struggles, this vicious circle just became hard to tolerate. In general. it was a good film but not one that I call my favorite by PTA
  14. Those are good points, thanks Cathy and Tim Digital cameras are so light sensitive now days makes it hard to apply the same amount of foot candles they were using in the 80's I will test different ISO's with the Red camera to try to find a way to convey a similar look Generally speaking harder light was applied in those days, something to keep in mind
  15. Hello again, I will be shooting a small indie feature that takes place in the mid 80's. Since our budget is so low, we dont have the luxury of a lot of production design to sell the look I'm starting to do some reasearch as to how to pull this off I'm looking at films like the runaways which had a great 80's look Some of the visual elements I'm taking into consideration are: Softer glass (cooke panchros, baltars) Saturated colors Heavy make up (80's style) Smoke for certain scenes, specially bars obviously Basic primary colors like party red and green, blues, I dont think color schemes in the 80's were that sophisticated re: David Lynch 80's films, Valley Girl, Was hoping to get some advice and feed back Thanks
  16. Hello everyone It's been my experience that sometimes actors find it hard to cheat the eyeline, and sometimes it might not even feel natural. I'm curious as to what kind of techniques you guys tend to employ to get past having to cheat the eyeline, although I realize that sometimes there is no way around it. Thanks
  17. Hello I'm looking for leads for a vfx house or vfx supervisor to do wirework, people skydiving on greenscreen Any suggestions would be appreciated, Low budget shoot Thanks so much Francisco
  18. Hello everyone I'm about to embark on a 2 weeks doc and was considering shooting with the Scarlet, I was curious if anyone had any experience shooting documentary style with the scarlet. Long takes, Data management, overheating issues, is it a wise option in your opinion? Thanks so much, Francisco
  19. Hello I've been offer to shoot a project with the 5D mk3, will be first time, have shot with the mk2 a bunch I'm looking for advice, tips, any suggestions, things to look out for, etc Is it really similar to the mk2, is there any new exposure tools, interesting looks. It loos like I wont have enough time to test Thanks
  20. Sounds really interesting David. What's the name of the book? Did I miss it on your post? This is a subject that has always interest me, would love to read more about it. Thanks
  21. David Could you please explain "linear digital information into a film log workflow" Thanks
  22. Hello I'm curious to find out if people have any specific settings or tricks to get the best possible streaming quality on Vimeo Any help is appreciated Thanks Francisco
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