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Im shooting a short film this weekend and the director wants a shot of a man shovelling dirt off the "lens" to reveal the himself standing over a hole in the ground in the forest. a Very classic Breaking Bad shot.


Would love any advice as to how I should accomplish this...


I've rented a Wide angle low angle Prism for the shot and I'm planning on buying a big sheet of plexi glass to put over the camera and cover with dirt.


Any ideas (besides digging a massive hole in the ground)







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Get a tub/bucket/etc to put the camera in and glass over the top of it, and then have the talent stand on something to get the height correct. May throw off the surrounding scene, but, you can avoid the whole hole thing.

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Did this once where we had a hole-- took a black trash can, cut out the bottom, lined the rim up top with stuff-- branches, leaves ect,and raised it up on apple boxes. Used a 90 degree backer and a hi hat to put the camera in the center, used plexi to cover it as well as a optical clear filter. Also blacked out the sides around the plexi to keep all reflections off. and had a kit climb up a little apple box staircase, and shovel in some dirt. Worked great.

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