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Albion Hockney

Black Pro Mist 3/8

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I have started using Black Pro Mist filters when shooting on the RED and I have really liked the effect the 1/8 takes the edge of the digital very subtly and the 1/4 is great for a bit stronger of an effect at certain times. I feel ideally I'd love to use a 3/8 density and I looked that up and found someone on here long ago said Tiffen would make a custom filter. I have emailed tiffen with no response. Just curious if anyone here has used 3/8 density or have heard of this custom 3/8 filter.

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Never heard of it but that doesn't mean Tiffen hasn't made on on request for the right amount of money.


If the 1/2 Tiffen Black ProMist is too much of a jump for you, maybe the 1/4 or 1/2 Schneider Black Frost would create some in-between strength for you. You'd have to visit a rental house and see if they'd let you shoot some filter tests there, or see if the manufacturers would loan you a filter for testing.

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hmm yea never tried the schneider stuff I should try to test that next time around. any other companies making a similar product worth testing you know of?


curious if you have a preference or notice differences?

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It's pretty much just Tiffen and Schneider for movie work -- Formatt-Hitech makes a resin filter called Black Movie Mist that comes in three strengths, similar to the Cokin filter system, one size that fits into a holder. And Cokin and Lee have a misty resin filter too.


I've never compared all of these. They say that the heavier Schneider Black Frosts don't get as milky as the heavier Tiffen Black ProMists but I'm not sure if that's really true, you'd have to test.

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