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how to find a mentor?

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Hey guys,


as i said in the title is there a way to find a mentor or someone who will teach you to light?

even after reading books and everything i still feel that something is missing.

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I've yet to have a mentor as well, but I find my surroundings to be the best inspiration so far. Keep your eyes wide open, look at the light around you, how it reacts, falls on people. Find where that beautiful light in the back alley comes from, where it projects shadows. Look out for the spots when you go out at the club. It's an all-day, every-day habit of feeling the light, to the point where it's becoming natural for me, and got me a good reputation as of lighting in local filmmakers groups.


In my opinion, it's a very constructive approach into learning the art of cinematography.

...While waiting for that Mentor, which will show up at the right moment, when you'll need it.

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That's good advice, Jean-Marc. For the OP, just keep shooting and studying to develop your own taste, and make friends with your colleagues. Most of the mentor relationships I've found came about because of a shared interest in certain films and filmmakers, aesthetics, and career path. Just talking to lots of people about shared interests leads to all kinds of connections.

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I use to fix computers in Hollywood when I first moved here and one of my mentors was a customer.


I think becoming a friend outside of the film industry is kind of important when it comes to this type of mentoring. Plus, once your foot is in the door, it's a lot easier to find and talk with other people now that you have a glowing industry reference.


I'd absolutely be nowhere without my first "connection" and it's making that connection, even if it's with a producer or director, is the most critical element.

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