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Chance Shirley

PL vs. Aaton mount

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I'm shopping around for a new zoom lens for my Aaton LTR-54 (with Aaton mount) and am noticing that most newer lenses (for sale or rent) are PL mount.


Should I bite the bullet and go ahead and get my camera's mount converted to PL? Or is it easier, cheaper, or better to get any lenses I purchase adapted from PL to Aaton mount?



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Yes and No.


The PL mount is THE mount. You're better off with a PL mount because you can rent more modern lenses.


The AA mount is great because performaing lens centering is very easy (required if you're switching back and forth between R16 and S16). You can also remove the entire front housing of the camera and leave the AA mount on w/o worrying about somehow altering the flange distance or the lens centering. It's very nice if you're in the middle of no where and you have to call me up for emergency over-the-phone service.


But in the end, the PL mount is the way to go. You have many more options as far as lens choice.

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I keep my Aaton in Super 16 mode, so the PL mount might be a viable option.


Next questions, I guess, are:


1) Does AbelCine convert the LTR cameras to PL mount?


2) Any idea what the approximate cost for this procedure is?



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Check with Visual Products. I think their price is like 500 dollars or so. Call and ask for a quote.

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