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Miller Best

Looking for feedback on my first showreel and website.

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Looks really great! Very evocative images, and a deceptively easy rhythm to the edit. Good choice of music too, understated enough to put all the attention on the visuals. That should get you a lot of work ;)

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Beautiful images! Great color! My only critique would be a couple images were pushed a little far ISO wise. They still work very well and your on top of your game! Maybe you wanted the grain in there...but then we are getting into more artistic taste at that point. Keep up the great work is the moral of my post!

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Great stuff man. Only critic I would give is perhaps include more shots with camera movement or maybe hold longer on the shots you do have in the edit, but that's only a suggestion. You establish pretty well that you can compose a static frame. Very well rounded work though, feels a lot shorter than a 2 minute reel!

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I'm not sure I'm seeing the same as everyone else here but there is too much footage suffering from quite nasty amounts of noise.


The reel overall is very, very good. I get tired of telling people that they need to put their best stuff up front but this opens really strong, so no problems there. Lovely colours and as Bill said I love the diversity and that's a very important thing to have.


The noise is too much for me tho and I like a bit of noise. In the footage at 1:08 it actually seems to work but 0:44 and 0:45 are swimming with noise though. It's a shame as it's very strong footage if it were not for that. I really like those shots but the noise is nasty. The footage at 1:25 is also quite noisy in spite of the fact it isn't a low light shot. I think you can probably get away with the shot at 1:17 but only just.


I think you need to explore the noise issue some more and work out when it can work (like at 1:08) and when it can't (like 1:25) in general you can get away with more when it is an obvious night time shot or something.


I know how difficult it can be as I just shot a ton of stuff on a toy samsung video camera that is swimming with noise (especially the low light high speed stuff) and there is a lot of stuff I'm not happy with. (In fact I'm mostly not happy with the whole thing as I had to knock it up in a few days at short notice in not the best situation but everyone else seems to love it so what can you do).


It would be great if you could work out not only how to get rid of the noise (You probably need to feed the sensor more light) but working out how you can make the noise work for you too (a more difficult prospect but a helpful skill to have)


Anyway hope that helps. :)



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