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DOUBLE DATA 's manual verification DOES NOT WORK (version 1.2.1)

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Hi you all!


I just wanted to inform you that according to my tests the Double Data 's manual verification mode DOES NOT WORK AT ALL in the 1.2.1 (current version) of the software.

I did not find this info easily from the web so I thought I should share it in case some users are not aware of this problem.


This is just for the "Data Manage" ----> "Verify..." -function and does not affect normal transfers.


It can cause you trouble however because the software does not read checksums correctly in this mode because of the bug and may show that the files are OK even if you alter them or remove all of them and just leave the first text file in place which contains the checksums from the original camera media. Because of the bug, the software actually copies checksum data from this file and adds a new text file containing these checksums which it is thinking is the checksum data of the verified files. So, if you look manually through the checksum text files they seem to be OK although they have nothing to do with the new verification round.



So, it basically falsifies the checksum data in this manual verification mode and green lights all the files no matter if they are altered or not or even are in the same folder anymore.


I contacted the manufacturer and they don't have any bug fix release yet but they are aware of the problem and are working on it, so it is best to not use the manual verification (Data Manage -->Verify... -function) at all with this software until they get a fixed version out.


As I said, the bug does not affect any normal transfers from camera card to storage, and is only in the additional manual verification which can be used afterwards if needed. You can also trust the checksum files which the program creates during normal verified transfers.

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Good to know, thanks for the report Aapo. I don't know any DITs who use Double Data anymore, I think most have switched to Shotput for small jobs and Silverstack for bigger jobs.

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