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davide sorasio

What does the TV logic focus assist percentage level mean?

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Hey everybody, I've seen that in all TV logic focus assist menu there is an option that says "focus assist level", with the possibility of dealing numbers (in % as measuring unit) that I can see change the sensitivity of the device. I was wondering how should the level be changed according to the scene brightness for example. I've realized most times the device reads everything like if it was in focus when clearly it is not and I was wondering if anybody had tips/workflow to share on how regulate and use the focus assist function in the best way to take advantage of it because most times I find it misleading more than helpful!

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not a fan of that focus assist. It will fool you every time. In theory, you would adjust the % as low as it would go and still see the reflective overlay. And there lies the problem. Focus Assist is an overlay and not a product of the real image in the way that peaking would display a more true representation of what's in focus and more importantly, what's not in focus. I'd stay away from Focus Assist entirely.



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I agree, I find the aperture on the TVLogic (AKA peaking) much more helpful than the focus assist. The numerical value is arbitrary as far as I can tell. The only situation where I find it helpful is when I have to supervise two cameras for an interview, operating B Cam while occasionally glancing over at the on-board monitor of a locked-off A Cam. In that case, it is easier to see focus in red from a few feet away than peaking.

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I suggest you use you Aperture option on the Tv Logic instead of the focus assist because in many cases i've had soft focus because i depended on it (usually when using 5D M III) but when using Arri Alexa i only activate Aperture to help me in case i had to Shut off Peaking option on the camera. But to answer your question the "Percentage" means how saturated the color would be on the object in focus. Side Note: when you go low with the percentage you see almost nothing of the focus assist so i suggest you keep in the 70's range.

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