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  1. Hello, People from the UK on the forum: Can you please refer me to places i can shop from Camera/Camera Department Accessories in London. Im going on a visit soon and i cannot seem to find much help on Google. Please & Thank you!
  2. i researched all over for a long time, Cinetape seems to be the perfect system. But i cannot afford it anytime soon. i have my laser distance meter, it has a live mode that helps but of course the laser is visible on camera so i never use it. it would be great to see a new compact and simple yet affordable system.
  3. My favorite wireless follow focus is Arri's WCU-4, but to own one is extremely hard to afford. if you want to go with a reasonable priced wireless follow focus i'd go with HEDEN CARAT, it's an excellent single FF system. Also, Preston & RT motion are great i used them a couple of times. Note: NEVER THINK OF REDROCK. Trust me, i suffered.
  4. As mentioned by David Steel, Camera straps are life savers! i own both of these straps linked below. I use to Duo strap just i case i need to hang my Disto Meter or anything else that i need to be in quick reach. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1112654-REG/bosstrap_bosss_side_slide_camera_strap.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1120021-REG/op_tech_usa_3501232_utility_sling_duo_black.html
  5. Seems like the whole shoot is based on improv movements, my advice to you my friend is: CINETAPE
  6. Try adding Color Bars to a shortcut button in USER panel. i've never faced a situation where i had to check the calbiration of the Alexa EVF. it's a brilliant device that's fully calibrated by Arri.
  7. Hello Friends, I was wondering if you can share in details all what's in your Assistant Kit (1st Ac's, 2nd Ac's, DIT's, etc.) I'm putting together a new kit and i was hoping to get help by looking at what others have. it would also be awesome to include pictures. Thanks! M.hissi
  8. Hello Julie, Alexa's in general do not have a Black Shading function to my knowledge (been using them for 5 years now). However the Alexa shows noise and other artifacts at very slow shutter speeds (ex. 1 Sec. Exposure). If you read on Arri's website, they show you the detailed workflow of their great cooling system that adjusts the temperature of the sensor and keeps it consistent.
  9. Using a Whip would be the best thing you can do if a wireless unit is not available. i usually ask for a rehearsal shot so i can mark distances so i can be able to calculate the distance once we start rolling because usually actors tend to change position. Peaking has let me down many times so i trained my self to be able to tell an approximate distance with my eyes.
  10. I suggest you use you Aperture option on the Tv Logic instead of the focus assist because in many cases i've had soft focus because i depended on it (usually when using 5D M III) but when using Arri Alexa i only activate Aperture to help me in case i had to Shut off Peaking option on the camera. But to answer your question the "Percentage" means how saturated the color would be on the object in focus. Side Note: when you go low with the percentage you see almost nothing of the focus assist so i suggest you keep in the 70's range.
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