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At what point do you remove a Polarizer?

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Obviously, for wide, sunny exteriors a Polarizer is a nice thing to have.


But when talent / humans are involved on said exteriors, at what point do you guys ditch the Polarizer as I know they can kill the specularity on faces (medium, medium wide, etc...)??


I have my theories, but want to see what others think.





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Sorry if my question is not well worded.


For example, when outside shooting a sunny day, Medium shot portrait of a person where there's a good bit of blue sky still, would you leave the polarizer on to help make the sky pop? Or does polarizer effect the talent skin enough at this point to remove it?


Are polarizers generally consider bad when the talent takes up considerable framing in the shot?

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I don't know - I'd usually think that keeping the shine off people's faces is a good thing, unless it's a scene where people need to be seen to work hard and sweat a lot.


A human face can present a sufficiently complex reflective surface that a polariser won't necessarily do that, anyway.



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