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Alexa Mini + Preston MDR power options?

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Hi guys.


I've been hired on a job shooting on an Alexa Mini and I will need to power my Preston MDR 2 from the camera body as I know the body hasn't got any power outputs as standard.


What are my options for power output/cables aside from the obvious D-tap option? I dont mind ordering a cable from somewhere like Media Blackout.


Thanks for your time,


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A distribution box for the Mini is pretty popular out here in LA.




In fact, most Alexa Mini packages come with this D-Box included; I would check with the rental company on what their power distribution will be.


The Wooden Camera D-Box takes the power and EXT control of the camera. I recommend, however, to get re-route the external control from the Mini to the MDR with (correct me if I'm wrong) an 8-pin lemo to 3 pin? Something like that.


The D-Box has 2pin, 2pin, and D-tap, so powering the MDR will be no problem.

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Just finished up a months-long series with an Alexa Mini as our handheld camera. We used a wooden D-Box for power distro and it worked great. Make sure you don't overload the ports, and keep a few spare fuses handy.

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I'll also note that a combination run/stop + power cable for your MDR is really nice to have since it keeps things uncluttered. I think this is only possible with MDR3's and the new MDR4's. I think media blackout might make a similar option for the MDR2 that powers the MDR off of a single 3 pin port, but has a sort of Y split at the other end for R/S and Power.

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