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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for a Preston HU3 handset in London Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, One of my Preston DM1 motors needs a replacement bearing as the motor has become noisy. Does anyone know how to disassemble one of these? Thanks, Joe
  3. Really think this deserves to have an aluminium housing. Very excited to place an order on one when they are available to the public
  4. I've used the Gizmo ext tubes and they worked just as well as the official ones.
  5. Thanks Patrick! Good to know about the fuses
  6. Thanks a lot! I've just ordered a custom 2 pin lemo cable and a 3 pin fisher. Should have the basics covered now All the best!
  7. Hi guys. I've been hired on a job shooting on an Alexa Mini and I will need to power my Preston MDR 2 from the camera body as I know the body hasn't got any power outputs as standard. What are my options for power output/cables aside from the obvious D-tap option? I dont mind ordering a cable from somewhere like Media Blackout. Thanks for your time, Joe
  8. Hi guys, looking for the bracket that holds a microforce or V+F to a Preston HU2 Thanks in advanced Joe
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