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the article "Cutting-Edge Clarity"of cinematographer magazine in december 2016 is talking about anglee's film Halftime Walk.

in this article Technical Supervisor Ben Gervais talk about motion blur and judder, I am really confused about the difference between motion blur and judder. Or is there a difference?

judder is due to the 24fps of film? or motion blur is only about 3D?

please give me a clear answer, thanks!

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Motion blur is the blurriness/streaking of moving things in the frame.

Regardless if the things move or the camera moves or both.



If the camera is locked, the building in the background doesn't move - no motion blur
The moving people, cars, bicycles in front of it - motion blur.


Dash camera in car - hood is still, not moving - no motion blur.
Cars, road, building, pedestrians are moving relative to camera - motion blur.

More pronounced motion - more motion blur.

Longer shutter time - more motion blur.
Shorter shutter time - less motion blur.


Judder is the pulsing, strobing effect when the motion is

too fast for the chosen frame rate, shutter, angle of view.

Start panning with your camera slowly across the books in a shelf.
Probably feeling the smooth motion.
Repeat pans faster, and at certain point you'll notice the smoothness of motion is gone,
the books pulse, strobe (jump?). Judder.


I haven't red the article and don't know in what context exactly they mention motion blur and judder,

but i think it has to do with the solving of the judder problem in general by increasing frame rate,

and improving smoothness in 3D, where the judder i think can be felt more pronounced.




I've been from the start of your topic willing to answer but was "searching/constructing" a more precise definition.
In lack of it decided to illustrate with examples.




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