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Canon 1014-XLS Lens Stuck Problem- Advice?

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Hi all,


Long time lurker first time poster.


I picked up a Canon 1014-XLS in beautiful condition off craigslist from a local here in LA. Came with the original box and all the accessories. It's lovely.


Everything works as it should, and everything is clean and smooth except....the lens is stuck. The zoom motor seems to work, when I press W and T both cause the motor to move (or so I hear), but the lens barely budges. It's stuck at the far end at 65mm. Read the manual and saw nothing about locking focal length.


I've reached out to two local Super 8 shops as I want to have the seals replaced anyways, but I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and maybe it's something I can fix myself. I'm dying to play with it.





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I've only once worked on a Canon 1014 XLS and found it frustratingly painful, so I wouldn't recommend trying to fix it. Can you turn the zoom ring at all by hand?


My first thought would be to return it to the seller for your money back. A zoom ring that won't turn should have been noticed and included in the description. Otherwise it could be an expensive (possibly futile) repair.


However I'm really not familiar with those cameras, so maybe there's a simple solution.

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I work on these and have all of the canon manuals. The 1014XLS and 814XLS have no lens locking mechanism, that said, the lens itself is not that difficult to remove. The fact that it is stuck is troubling however because it could be something as easy as debris that is jamming the lens throw < unlikely, or somebody may have taken the lens off prior and not re-mounted and properly threaded the lens housing back on properly. Another scenario is if the camera had been dropped and the first thing to hit the ground was the lens housing.



1. Do the grub screws on the outside of the lens housing look as it they have been taken out previously? Missing paint, stripped slot , etc.

2. Are there marks on the outside of the lens housing that may have come from a drop.


The service folks will take of the lens housing and inspect the threading, take the inner lens housing off, if all's good will clean threads , re-lube and remount.


Good luck, those are nice cameras



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The focus section is easy enough to access, under the front focus ring, and once the stop is removed it can be unscrewed and the threads cleaned and relubricated. The zoom mechanism behind that is harder to get to however, and has two separate cam tracks moving variator and compensator optical groups rather than threads. It could be a loose or broken cam follower causing the jam, but it's not the sort of thing most people could easily repair.

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To Doms point, a simple lens cleaning can be performed by most with the correct instructions, once you get to the "Mask" which is a metal ring in front of the first zoom element, within the lens housing. This is where an average repair stops and should be performed by an experienced tech with a collimator since multiple lens elements will be taken out of the barrel and will need to be aligned professionally.


Lets hope the tech does not need to go that far to find the issue.

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Hi Kirk, Hi Dom,


Thanks very much for your feedback, it's all really informative and helpful.


This morning by a stroke of luck the lens came unstuck. It seems to be functioning perfectly now! I guess I was a little premature in posting but all the information on the camera is great nonetheless. As you mentioned, maybe something small was jamming it and I knocked it loose finally.


I'll still take it in to have it looked over and serviced. Will let you know if they find anything interesting and, eventually, results if you're interested!





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