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  1. Hello Kirk!

    I have a canon 814 auto zoom camera. Can you overhaul? And upgrade lightmeter runs only with motor battery?




  2. I have a break down of the camera on the Yola site that I sent to Gareth, the owner of the site. There are two reasons for this to happen 1. The lower gear that engages to the zoom gear has worn teeth. 2. Most likely it is the coil zoom . Kirk Repair guy
  3. People, the reason for this has nothing to do with the trigger, well sort of. It is the magnetic release. It has failed. I have opened up and repaired over a 100 of the Canon models that have this problem. The 1014 Auto Zoom E The 814 Auto Zoom E and the 512xl all have a magnetic shutter release that fails at the switch. Two things happen: 1. The camera will run even with the finger off the trigger. That is the best of the two failures 2, The auto zoom and auto exposure contrls work but the shutter will not run. This is the worst of the two. DO NOT part them out, they can be repaired without sending them in for a $250 repair
  4. I am selling one of my Canon DS-8 Cameras. It is in amazing condition, always kept in its case. Everything works perfecty. - Both the manual and auto exposure setting work - The optics are clear with no haze or fungi - All speeds are strong, smooth and constant - The battery pack has all shiny clean contacts - All levers and dials are easy to turn, flip and press This comes with the original case in very good condition. The manual is in perfect condition too and the original Canon metal lens cap is with the camera. Other things like a remote, 58 -62mm step ring, 62mm Canon pinch cap and a filter also are included. It is currently on eBay for $475 OBO But I would take $400 plus cost of Fed Ex ground. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202376521930?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. I have been repairing and restoring Canon branded super 8 and 16mm cameras for almost a decade. Having grown up shooting surfing and skateboard events in Southern California and being short of "Extra Cash" I found that repairing my own cameras was the way to go. Now some 3o years later I have this as a hobby and have the means for a shop in my home. The repair manuals and the internet were not available back in the day So why the title? I see too many people give up on Canon 814 Electronics and 1014 Autos, both using the magnetic release shutters and they simply should not be selling them as parts or retiring them to a box in their attics. If the battery compartment is clean and the cameras auto zoom and auto exposure is working but the shutter is not, most likely the switch that engages the contact that initiates the magnetic release. These cameras can be used by permanently closing the mag release and bypassing the switch altogether. Most people do not have a second camera for parts so this is the easiest way to keep using these cameras. So how do I use the Super this way? The on/off dial becomes your shutter on off trigger. You still will have to pull the trigger however to engage auto exposure. The user simply changes the way they would normally use a camera fully functioning. I have how to’s on the Yola site for the entry level Canons, Gareth’s online tutorials helped me early on before I started diving in on my own, There are many that owe him a thank you! I am currently taking off the entire lens housing to expose the relay lens and diaphragm blades for repair and re-lubrication. These cameras were made so well and were made to be easily repaired, unlike their Nikon counterparts. Cheers! Kirk
  6. You can easily open the SV and rule out the soft gear as the problem. I think I shot a tutorial for a guy and will check to see if I still have it. If it;s the problem it will stick out like a sore thumb, just look for the yellow gear with bits of teeth around it. If that is not the issue then it's a great thing because now you can go in and clean contacts , blow out any loose debris and lubricate the gearing with Silicone oil. Let me know.
  7. The 518SV, I have four of them in my shop and just like the 514XL-S , Canon used the plastic gearing that over time breaks down due to the lubrication that was used. Over decades (and minimal use) the lubrication slowly softens the plastic, turns the gear yellow and the teeth begin to tear off . This then jams the adjoining metal gears to the film motor. So if you have already checked off the electrical contacts and you have power to the auto zoom and meter, then I will all but guarantee you the 518SV is toast based off of my findings. I really like that camera, fits well in the hand, sleek and performs well when working. Unfortunately, taking a "good" gear from another SV is doable but if any of the surrounding gears of succumbed to the softening from the lube also, then it's a futile fix. On the 814E, the main issue (I have 6 with this issue) is with the introduction by Canon to use the magnetic release shutter. I have simply been altering the M.R to permanent open status inside the camera and resorting to using the on off dial as the my go to. This is where Spectrum and Pro8 , both extremely good are the go to folks. Would love to spend a week with them.
  8. Just the the Nikon R10 and 8 with their meter lubrication. Had an idea that might be the case but was also thinking mechanical. Thanks for the detailed response, this will be a fun little project. Thanks again. Kirk
  9. Hello, growing bored of super 8 use I have just purchased a mint Beaulieu R16 package with multiple accessories and three Switar lenses. All in very good cosmetic condition. The 100mm and 25mm are in perfect working order. The 10mm is pristine but the focus ring is stuck on 30 Feet, it will not budge. I've tries lubrication overnight, I loosened the set grub screws and it of course turns but the cam. This was the one that I really wanted to use right off. I looked on Old Timer Cameras in the UK for repair manuals as that is where I have purchased all my super 8 ones. Looked on Craigs Camera and nothing there either. Google and youtube have also been a bust. I'm hoping someone here may have an idea how to remedy this problem. Thank you in advance for any support Kirk Billingsley
  10. To Doms point, a simple lens cleaning can be performed by most with the correct instructions, once you get to the "Mask" which is a metal ring in front of the first zoom element, within the lens housing. This is where an average repair stops and should be performed by an experienced tech with a collimator since multiple lens elements will be taken out of the barrel and will need to be aligned professionally. Lets hope the tech does not need to go that far to find the issue.
  11. I work on these and have all of the canon manuals. The 1014XLS and 814XLS have no lens locking mechanism, that said, the lens itself is not that difficult to remove. The fact that it is stuck is troubling however because it could be something as easy as debris that is jamming the lens throw < unlikely, or somebody may have taken the lens off prior and not re-mounted and properly threaded the lens housing back on properly. Another scenario is if the camera had been dropped and the first thing to hit the ground was the lens housing. Question: 1. Do the grub screws on the outside of the lens housing look as it they have been taken out previously? Missing paint, stripped slot , etc. 2. Are there marks on the outside of the lens housing that may have come from a drop. The service folks will take of the lens housing and inspect the threading, take the inner lens housing off, if all's good will clean threads , re-lube and remount. Good luck, those are nice cameras Kirk
  12. Hello, are there any wide angle screw on accessory lenses that you can recommend other than the OEM Canon WA that was available in the 70's. This would be for a customer and for a 1014 Auto. I have explained the stop issue and lower quality outcome. I found the OEM Canon version on eBay but it's a bit costly Thank you for your assistance
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