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Jeremy Parsons

My reel is missing something. I

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This is not my first reel. It is a semi-annual recut with my latest work folded in.

Whenever I’ve cut a reel in the past, I’m generally pretty confident that it reflects my best work at that time.

This time, however, I’m feeling a little “Meh”.

I need another, more objective, opinion.

Maybe there is content that shouldn’t be there anymore.

Maybe there are shots that shouldn’t be juxtaposed.

What do you think it is? Or do you think its fine?

Please ignore anything relating to color. I will finalize that once I have a picture lock.


Password = demodemo

Jeremy L Parsons, MFA

Cinematographer / IATSE Local 600 1st AC
Pittsburgh, PA

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I think you should make it separate reels, as in a Narrative/Music Video and a separate Commercial Industrial reel. The cut; for example between Crayola and a Music video is pretty jarring (and in truth the music video looks "better" for a DoP reel in my opinion)

The Music video sequence with the bassist is fine; for a few seconds, but then it kinda lingers (and doesn't look super great compared to the kissing couple)

The reverse of that is kinda "eh" as well, and then you do the basically same shot with just a heavy mist filter effect.


It also might be too long (though I know I'm guilty of larger sins). If it's not your BEST or most INTERESTING work, cut it out. But certainly make it a narrative/music video reel, and a commercial industrial video reel.


My 2 cents.

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I agree with Adrian, two reels.


Another general rule I try to follow: front load it with the best stuff. The first 15 seconds are important.

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