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FS: ARRI 535B 3perf / 4perf serviced and ready to shoot!

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ARRI 535B - 3perf + 4perf – Complete Kit
This set runs perfectly and has been checked and serviced by Georg Bogner (Munich).
At the moment the 3-perf-movement is installed. But the set also includes a 4-perf-movement as well.

• Silent Sound Sync camera (under 24 db).
• In-camera ARRI Glow for 9 formats (there is no need to physically change the glow mask. It can be done easily in-camera using the CCU-1).
• Electronic shutter. The camera uses an electronic shutter and can be programmed to ramp up or down.
• Speed ramping from 3fps to 50fps with individual steps of 0.001 frame. The exposure will stay constant as it is being compensated for by the electronic shutter.
• Shutter ramping from 11 to 180 degrees. Ramping can be programmed or changed during the shot.
• Beam splitter: Options are 10/90, 90/10 or 50/50. The 535 is the only ARRI camera that offers a 50/50 beam splitter.
• SMPTE Timecode and ARRI time code system (timecode module is included in this auction).
• Swingover Viewfinder System and In-Camera Contrast Filter

Kit includes:
ARRI ARRI 535 B with IVS (PAL), Tophandle etc. SN 5164
ARRI 3perf movement (mounted) SN 3P97
ARRI 4perf movement (additional)
ARRI 2 120m Magazine M-11 with Case SN 4857 + 5161
ARRI 2 300m Magazine M-10 with Case SN 8812 + 9168
ARRI 2 Steadycam-Magazines 122m LM 1 SN 6202 + 6084

And further accessories:
ARRI groundglass 1.78, ARRI GLOW
ARRI groundglass 2.35, ARRI GLOW
ARRI Viewfinder Extension FE-3 SN 1064
ARRI Timecode TC Cabel XLR Fischer
ARRI Raincape
ARRI CCU-1 Computer Control Unit
ARRI CCU-Cable 30m
ARRI Eyepiece Leveller EL-3
ARRI CCU cable short
more cable for SCU and Antiflicker
ARRI RCU-1 Remote Control Unite
ARRI PL Port Cap
ARRI 535 Flight Case

Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5125762

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