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David Grauberger

Process Trailer camera car shooting

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Hello all, 


I've got a dialogue scene in a car and for several reasons we're thinking renting a process trailer  would be the best approach.   It'll be my first time using one however I've filmed several times out of trucks with jibs.  


Just wondering what pitfalls we might run into.  Its a Day scene.  It'll be a simple rural 2-lane road (two people on a road trip).  They each have lines and we're thinking of standard driver side window, reverse from passenger side.  Possible 2-shot from hood and maybe some coverage from behind with cam in the back seat.   It'll be a single cam shoot 


I'm thinking we'll be on alexa mini or red with an angenieux 16-42 or zeiss 15.5-45 for our shots.  





Any info would be greatly appreciated!  

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The most usual issue here is when shooting through the windshield.  The sky reflections, depending on the car, can make it hard to see inside.  What we often do is to shade the windshield with a large black cloth on a frame, to eliminate the reflections.  And this also cuts the light from the actors in the car, so one needs also to light them from the platform, as shown in your photo.

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Thanks Bruce!  Great call. Are there speed issues with flying the black cloth, lighting frames etc..  Its basic dialogue, but wondering if theres a speed threshold to be aware of... 

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Yes, there is a lot of wind when driving around so you have to secure everything that might get blown around.  It helps to pick diffusion that rattles less for sound reasons.

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