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Harriet Megson

Canon 1014XL-S Lap Dissolve

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I have recently acquired a Canon1014xl-s super8 camera and I am trying to familiarise myself with all the various buttons and functions before using any film. I believe that the lap dissolve button might be jamming because when I hold down the record button, press upwards the fade lever and press in the lap dissolve button there are lots of strange whirring noises, which i am not sure is normal. When i press the record lever again sometimes the lap dissolve button does not pop out makes additional strange whirring noises. It sounds as though the footage rewinds based on the noise but the film prongs(?) dont move clockwise or anticlockwise (for the rewinding). Is this meant to happen? Is anyone able to explain exactly how lap dissolve should work/sound?


Thanks 🙂


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It would really help you out to read over the procedure in the instruction/owner's manual.  Anyhow, the film core spindle does not rotate in the lap dissolve function.  It remains stationary so the film is forced into a slack loop inside the cartridge, then after the auto fade out to full black, the rewind process begins to pull the film back out of the take up side of the cartridge via pushing the film backwards into the supply side of the cartridge.   Many of the Super 8mm Sound cameras could only do lap dissolves with Sound Film Cartridges, not Silent ones, However, the CANON 1014XLS will do lap dissolves with both film types.

Here's a link to a free manual download, it's best you read over the procedure rather than I rewrite it all, especially since you'll have photos to view the controls on the camera as well.


The Lap Dissolve will fade out the image while filming, then stop, then rewind the film, and at that point you depress the trigger again to film the next scene/shot.  Once this second part of the process is engaged, the core take up will advance the film again. Do NOT press the Trigger/Shutter Release while the film is rewinding. Also, the instruction manual doesn't state this, but it's also quite possible that the functions will not operate normally unless a cartridge is in the film chamber. On many cameras, the cartridge depresses  button or two in the chamber to let the camera know film is present.  Another button lets the camera know a sound cartridge is present so that the capstan recording mechanism is activated.  If you have an empty Super 8mm cartridge to use for testing, no actual film is affected, so that would let you play with the mechanism testing if the camera doesn't behave correctly without a cartridge present.  Hope this helps.

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