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Just finishing up with MP4 conversions, DVD and BD files for The 3 Graces. I was very happy to save this film. The film was a badly affected by vinegar syndrome and was headed for the trash...just my specialty.

This 'pig in a poke' turned out to be one of the earliest, if not the earliest stag film containing lesbians from the 1920's - 30's. I won't put the link up here when it is online, but I will let you know when I put it on Vimeo and the Internet Archive and you can search for it if you like.

I don't know if Vimeo will even go for it, all you can do is try. Personally I don't make any distinction between sex films or not. To me it is all social documentary subject matter.

I used a Retroscan for the 2K scan. Initially the film would not scan with the LightPin gate. Luckily I had kept my standard gate which worked fine. I'm thinking of testing a way to use clear warped film with the standard gate by darkening the edge of the sprockets. Warped film does not seem to work with the LightPin gate. Tried every and all configurations. 

Plan B option is to win the lotto and buy a Lasergraphics scanner. In any case, I was very happy with the Retroscan job. But the trick is to get it to produce useable scans when it balks at scanning the film. There is some slight jitters in the scan, but the warpage was extreme and for what the film looked like the jitters is minimal, I think even the high priced scanner would have some jitters.( But am not sure.) 

Here is a photo of the film on core:


Film is missing the title card and end. But has a decent portion of the middle mostly intact, save tons of splices and blown sprockets. Title is attributed.

Edited by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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OK, film is up on Vimeo. You can search for it under:

The 3 Graces Teoli

Don't know if they will keep it up, so if interested in seeing don't wait too long.

I will also put film on the Internet Archive, but have been having trouble getting links to work there.


Edited by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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