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How long can a Krasnogorsk-3 stay wound up without damaging it?

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Hey everyone, I'm currently taking part in a 100 ft of film project and have an issue. I'm very close to the end of my roll and have to get a few pick up shots tomorrow. The problem is my Krasnogorsk is still somewhat wound up and if I allow it to wind down it will use up the last of my film. Will it damage the spring to leave it wound for 24 hours? The manual says to not store it unless it's completely wound down, but is this just for long term storage? Has anyone left their Krasnogorsk wound up for this long without issue before? I'm worried I have to choose between finishing the challenge or breaking my camera.

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The best thing you can do to a spiral spring is to repeatedly wind it and let it down. Use it. A steel spring is not expensive to make, the problem I have as camera repairer is to find people who still do that. I have one spring maker 170 km from my place. He splits sheet, winds and hardens strips of any size. Most movie camera springs are good, some are excellent, some are not good. The worst I’ve encountered was an original one of an aslant Zeiss-Ikon Movikon 8. Victor 3-4-5 have good springs.

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