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Hi everyone

I've been rebuilding an early 50's vintage H16 which was completely frozen, and so far I've dissembled the camera, cleaned it, obtained new parts where needed, and have actually reassembled the workings. It runs! And yes, I have a repair manual which has been essential to this project.

I realize there's much more to it like alignment and adjustment, but until the camera is film tested can it be determined if the rebuild was a success. And I do intend to use it once this is done. This camera will compliment my vintage H8 and REX1. The REX was professionally serviced. 

Anyway, thank you for staying with me, now if anyone has tips, advice, sources, parts, etc, please,  anything would be appreciated.

Right now, I'm looking for light seal materials. My supplier informed me sealing material for older cameras is no longer available, but didn't elaborate on substitute materials or methods. If anyone has information, how to, or advice, please and thank you!

Also, are there special lubricants for the Bolex? If so, what type? Are they easily available? And what substitutes an be used?

Well, thank you folks, I intend to get this camera running, and I have discovered that taking it apart was a challenge but was easier than I thought; and putting back together isn't that hard. The challenge is the adjust, sync and alignment. 

I sincerely thank each and everyone one of you who respond with anything, including stories and anecdotes about using these great cameras


Gil in Washington DC USA

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What kinds of sealing material are you looking for?

I used to get soft round rubber material (for rebuilding the edge seals on Arri mags) from McMaster-carr. They have a bottomless assortment of rubber products.

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