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who can  tell me how many footlambert the white bars used to determine the contrast in N color bar signal? I remember seeing in a photographer's manual that it was written 35 foot candle, but the foot candle was a unit of illumination, not a unit of brightness . If you measure brightness, how many feet of Lambert should it be?775837478_2020-09-128_01_24.thumb.png.7de27932d04d6b38626767c330a9e5a4.png

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20 hours ago, Bruce Greene said:

In a calibrated display, in a darkened room, white should be 100 nits or 29.2 foot Lamberts.

I want to go on ask , for the HDR monitor , the white also should be 100 nits or 29.2 fL? thanks

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10 hours ago, Bruce Greene said:

HDR? That will depend on the range if your display and the HDR standard you are grading to.

Suitable HDR displays currently cost about $30,000. Do you have one?

oh , my studio have one ,but I haven't really used it yet.   thank you 

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